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This is Seabury – where everyone knows everyone, the average tourist hasn’t got a clue it even exists, and that’s just how the locals like it!

Today is the worst day of Stella Martinelli’s life. Certainly worse than the day she got divorced from her husband.
Ruby – Stella’s beloved ice cream van – is about to be scrapped. As she watches the guy from the scrap yard kicking Ruby’s tyres before sucking his teeth and pronouncing her “worthless” – Stella struggles to hold back her tears.
Stella’s been selling ice creams from the back of Ruby for over a decade. With the closure of Martinelli’s Ice Cream, she’s out of a job… but that’s not what’s bothering her. Saying goodbye to Ruby doesn’t just mean the end of a job… or the end of an era… it’s the end of Stella’s big dream.
A chance meeting with a familiar face sends Stella to Seabury in search of some work. Apparently the owner of Nana’s Ice Cream Parlour has been in the wars and is looking for some help. Stella’s not sure it’s such a great idea… after all, she’s from a rival company… but what could possibly go wrong?

Is Stella in for a frosty reception? Or will her heart melt like a soft scoop in left in the sun? One thing’s for sure – Seabury can always be counted on to provide the cherry on top!

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Today had to be the worst day of Stella Martinelli’s entire life – far, far worse than the day she’d finally divorced her idiot husband. Her whole body seemed to be vibrating with unshed tears, and she wasn’t really sure what to do with herself.

Holding her arms stiffly at her sides, Stella curved her fingers into tight balls, digging her nails into her palms. Some strange, subconscious part of her brain seemed to be desperately trying to replace the aching in her heart with something else. She watched the man in front of her with intense dislike. He was wandering around Ruby with a look of pure disdain on his face. Stella knew if she didn’t keep her mouth firmly shut, she was going to say something she’d regret.

Stella bit her lip. This sucked. She’d known this day was coming of course, but that didn’t make it any easier now that it was here. She couldn’t bear to watch… and yet she couldn’t take her eyes off Ruby as she stood there, looking as innocent and beautiful as ever. It would feel like a betrayal to look away now – there was no way she could leave her old friend to deal with this on her own.

Stella blinked back sudden, hot tears. God this hurt… but then it was bound to, wasn’t it? Her beloved ice cream van had been there for her through thick and thin. They’d stuck together through dents and dings, engine rebuilds, marriage, divorce and house moves… and now it was all coming to an end. She knew people thought she was nuts – but she didn’t care.

Ruby was family. The only problem was - she didn’t actually belong to Stella at all. She was one of eight ice cream vans that were part of her uncle’s business, Martinelli’s Ice Cream. As such, she was also one of eight vans that were on their way to the breaker’s yard this week. Her uncle had just sold the business and bought a house with a swimming pool with the proceeds. Stella wasn’t sure she’d ever forgive him. Not because she was out of a job - just like all the other van drivers – but because she simply couldn’t imagine what she was going to do without Ruby in her life.

Stella was the last one to let go of her van. She didn’t keep Ruby in the fenced yard where all the others parked up at the end of their days – Stella liked to keep Ruby right outside the house where she could keep an eye on her. It meant that she was within easy distance of the garden hose too. Stella liked to give Ruby a good wash after every outing, making sure that the salt spray was sluiced away. Then she’d polish her and check the tyre pressures. It was fair to say that her van was spoilt rotten – but that was precisely how Stella had managed to keep Ruby on the road for so long.

Stella had put the trip to the scrap yard off for so long that her uncle had ended up having to ask the owner to come over and pick Ruby up instead. After all, he’d already paid her uncle for her. Now that he was here, Stella didn’t like the way he was looking at Ruby… not one little bit. Still, there was nothing she could do about it, was there?