Dragon Unraveled (Amber City Shifters #1) Read Online November Dawn

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She needs his blood. He wants her soul.

Siena Cameron is the unofficial fixer of her witch family. With no powers of her own, it’s the only way she has of helping the family business. So, when her brothers break the relic amplifying everyone’s magic, it’s up to her to get the glue—dragon blood. Specifically, the one belonging to the world’s biggest witch-hater dragon.
No big deal. Surely, getting a drop of blood won’t be that hard for someone as resourceful as her, will it?
Adrian Vel hates witches. Especially, the Cameron witches. They’re the reason he only has access to a fraction of his dragon-shifter power, and when Siena lands at his doorstep, he can’t believe his luck.
Siena is everything he’s ever needed to break the curse, and Adrian will do whatever it takes to gain his powers back. Even if it means lying to her and dragging her on a one-way trip to sacrifice her at the altar of gleeful vengeance. But maybe the witch is far more wily than he had anticipated, because once she starts to burrow into his heart, extracting his vengeance no longer seems quite so exciting…

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The Cameron family had three rules—don’t ask for help outside the family, don’t go into Amber City, and never approach the dragon—and Siena Cameron was about to break all three.

In fact, she had already broken one, she thought as she stood outside Adrian Vel’s building, phone pressed against her cheek. The tower rose high into the sky, all shining glass and metal. She’d heard half the floors were empty since the dragon didn’t like sharing his living space with anyone, and that he, himself, occupied the penthouse at the very top, of course. Nothing less for the dragon shifter in control of Amber City.

Siena would never admit it out loud, but the building had the desired effect on her—it imposed, tall and looming, and made her uneasy just by having to crane her neck to follow its length. It made the wide avenue seem narrower than it was; it boxed her in. And the first thing a witch learned—even a witch without a single drop of power like her—was that you never wanted to get boxed in.

Too late for that, she thought with a snort.

“Sis?” came her seventeen-year-old brother’s voice through the phone. Tyler, one of the twins and one half of the reason she was here. “Are you there?”

She grunted, returning her gaze to the entrance of the building. It was as grandiose as the rest of it. How rich did one have to be to afford to live here without renting out half the floors? “Yeah, I’m there.”

“Awesome,” said his twin Kyle. “Send us a photo.”

“I’m not sending you a photo,” Siena said. “What if Mom or Dad see it?”

The twins grumbled in disappointment, then Tyler asked, “Is it big?”

Siena’s gaze made the trip aaall the way up again. It wasn’t that the building was any taller than the other skyscrapers in the city, but from where she was standing, it might as well have been a thousand floors tall. Or maybe it was the fact that Adrian Vel lived inside. How many times had she been warned to stay clear of shifters, especially dragons? This dragon? She swallowed. “Yeah, it’s big.”

“Damn, I wish we were there,” Kyle said, longing in his voice. She could imagine the two of them crowded around the phone, tall and lanky, with the same sandy-colored hair as hers, and their golden-brown eyes dancing with unrestrained eagerness.

“Sure,” Siena said dryly. “I’m sure a couple of witches going up to Vel and asking for his blood would’ve worked out perfectly for you two. It’s not like he doesn’t hate witches with a passion or anything. And then, once he crisps you out, and if you survive, good luck explaining to Mom and Dad why you went to him to begin with.”

A long pause ensued. “We love you, Sis!”

That was exactly what they’d said early that morning when they’d come to her while she made her morning tea. A red flag if Siena had ever heard one.

“What did you do?” she’d asked automatically, filled with deep suspicion.

“Nothing!” They’d looked at each other a little sheepishly. “We kind of cracked something.”

She’d blown on her tea before taking a small sip, waiting to see what disaster awaited her. As the family’s unofficial fixer, she was used to people coming to her to get things done that fell below their magic prowess—calling the plumber, getting groceries, even filling in taxes—so she wasn’t surprised by the twins’ confession. She wondered if they’d broken a window. Maybe their parents’ window? They were off on vacation, as were their uncle and cousins, leaving the house to the three of them. Their older brother had married and moved out to another house on the property. Witch families tended to stick together, and the converted ranch offered plenty of space to practice their magic.