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Delectable (Neighbor from Hell #9)

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R.L. Mathewson

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Reese Bradford is a typical Bradford, he enjoys his food, is easy on the eyes, and has a killer smile, but there’s one thing about him that he doesn’t want anyone to know about, which of course is the first thing that his ex-fiance makes sure that everyone finds out about after she leaves him for his best friend. Out of options, he reluctantly heads out of town to spend the summer in the cottage that he’d rented for his honeymoon only to find himself tormented by a woman that never should have crossed his mind twice.

More intrigued than he’d ever thought possible, he can’t help but wonder about the woman that made him smile.

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Neighbor from Hell Series by R.L. Mathewson

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R.L. Mathewson Books

Delectable: A Neighbor from Hell


Dear Reese,

I’m sure you’re wondering why the locks have been changed and your stuff is gone. Well, that’s actually your fault. If you’d come home last Sunday like you’d promised then you would have found all your crap waiting for you, but you decided to sign up for extra training at the last minute so I didn’t have a chance to plan this better. Maybe this will teach you to keep your promises in the future.

Not that you deserve it, but I did manage to save a few of your things that they didn’t want. I put all of it in a white box, which should be on the floor unless they came back and stole that, too.

Roger thinks I should just get to the point so that we don’t miss our flight. I probably should tell you that Roger and I are in love and that we’re flying to Vegas to get married. He says he’s sorry. He’s really sweet, isn’t he? He feels really bad about this. If it makes you feel better all that sneaking around we did behind your back was really stressful. I almost had problems sleeping at night and you know how important my twelve hours of beauty sleep are to me.

Anyway, I really don’t think I should have to feel all that bad about cheating on you since it really was all your fault. When you told me that you weren’t interested in sex I thought you were just kidding. Had I known that you weren’t kidding I never would have gone out with you. I know you proposed and all, but I feel like you wasted a year of my life. Well, maybe not a year since I didn’t make it a month before I started sleeping with Roger, but again that’s your fault. If you’d taken care of me like you were supposed to then I wouldn’t have slept with your best friend.

Also, I have to tell you that I think it’s really weird for a 29-year-old guy to still be a virgin. All the girls at the mall, work and at the grocery store think so too and they think that you were using me to cover up for other problems, which I have to tell you right now that I don’t appreciate one bit. But I’m a big enough person that I suppose that I should forgive you.

I thought I’d tell you that I don’t like your family. Their obsession with food is creepy and I really just don’t like them, especially your cousins who ignored me. Their kids are little brats. My cellphone still isn’t working right and I think you should have to pay for it, but Roger said to just let it go. For him I will, because he’s so kind and sweet and brings out the best in me. He makes me such a good person.

I was going to give you back your engagement ring, but then I decided that you kind of owe it to me for such a stressful year. I sold it so that Roger and I can have a wonderful week in Vegas. I would say I’ll call you when we get back, but why bother?

Hugs and kisses,



I feel bad about taping this note to the door, but you didn’t have any envelopes.

Chapter 1

“How many men?” Kasey asked, as she dumped a bag of ice in the old red cooler that she kept for days like this.

“Three,” was Sara’s, her best friend since eighth grade, no nonsense response.

“Women?” Kasey asked, running a hand over her short spiky hair and smoothed it down as she opened the refrigerator and considered her choices.

“Three women.”


“Seven, but they’re inside with the women,” Sara said, keeping a vigilant eye on the newly rented beach house next door. As the only permanent resident on this strip of beach, Kasey felt it was her duty to know what was going on next door, for safety reasons of course. Sara, the good friend that she was, felt that it was also her duty to help in this endeavor. They liked to refer to themselves as “The Neighborhood Watch.” It was a tough job, but someone needed to do it.

Deciding that they were definitely going to need sustenance for this job, Kasey grabbed several of the large whoopie pies that she’d picked up at Karl’s Grocery last night and tossed them in the cooler along with a six-pack of Coke. She shared a look with Sara and knew that they couldn’t put their responsibility off any longer. With a nod, she closed the cooler and carried it towards the backdoor that Sara was holding open for her.

Without a word, they walked over to the old picnic table that sat at the edge of her property, which just happened to be right next to the neighboring cottage’s driveway and afforded them a great view of the activities that they really needed to keep an eye on.

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