Day of Judgment (Virtuous Sinners) Read Online Briar Kearney, Aurora Crane

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A federal prosecutor with a three-digit body count, his clever and adoring husband, and the FBI Special Agent who got too close.

Led by Lady Justice, Justin Reynolds spills the blood of the unworthy with his husband Ace at his side. Together, they’re a well-honed symbiote with the potential to bring the world to its knees. Neither of them are prepared for the man who brings them to theirs.
FBI Agent Maddox Doherty has dedicated himself to getting the job done, sacrificing everything else, especially his personal life. Sent to investigate a string of murders, he’s prepared for anything… except the sparks that fly between him and the married couple.
An undeniable chemistry draws Maddox deeper into Justin and Ace’s web, and soon he finds himself losing sight of the line he’s built his life and career around. But how far is too far and what happens when the darkness swallows him whole?

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“Los Angeles luxury real estate agents Roman Davidson and Stephan French were found dead in Davidson’s Hollywood Hills home over the weekend. Police visited the residence after a neighbor called in about hearing a disturbance. Sources suggest that the deaths were the result of foul play. Anyone with information that could help authorities should contact the LAPD.”

“Michael Rutherford, brother of NBA superstar Cain Rutherford, was killed in a drive-by shooting in Arizona’s Paradise Valley yesterday. Shocked onlookers attempted to provide first aid before authorities arrived but were unsuccessful. Authorities believe that the shooting was targeted but have yet to disclose a motive or any suspects.”

“And in breaking news tonight, Summerlin South has been rocked by the murder of financial executive Theodore Grant and his wife, Evelyn, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Nevada. Coworkers of the pair called in a welfare check when the victims failed to arrive at work this morning. Police officers found them dead in their home and are unclear as to the motive. The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information is urged to come forward. The community should remain vigilant.”

Knowledge was always power.

Justin Reynolds knew that knowledge and power were an integral part of justice too. As a federal prosecutor for the state of Nevada, building cases was his specialty. He couldn’t deliver justice if he didn’t know enough to convince the court to hand down the right sentence, and that’s what Justin did.

He told the story to the judge and jury, and when they failed to see the truth—he was the executioner.

Six months. Six months it had taken to build the case against David Warren. Six months of Justin’s life, of doubting himself and his abilities more than he’d ever had cause to before. The legal system was Justin’s preference, to let the justice he served happen bloodlessly and in full view of a court. He knew that his preference didn’t always matter, that it wasn’t always going to happen that way, but when Warren’s name had appeared on the Hit List and he’d vetted it, he hadn’t felt a shred of doubt that he could serve justice. He’d been so sure that he’d taken the case on himself.

There had been too much evidence for the legal system to let that particular piece of shit fall through the cracks. Justin had been so sure, had laid the foundation for a whole host of charges, until he’d realized just how thoroughly money could wipe a slate clean. When he’d seen firsthand how fragile a case could become when witness after witness recanted their testimonies, willing to plead guilty to perjury rather than stand by what Justin knew was the truth.

It had been one hundred and three days since the failure to convict. For the sake of avoiding suspicion, Justin would have preferred to have left it longer. Long enough for anyone to forget that he’d stood on the other side of the bench and failed to put the businessman behind bars where he belonged. He fucking hated double jeopardy—the fact that Warren’s victims couldn’t get justice for crimes the court had already deemed him not guilty of—just as much as he hated the thought of letting the man roam free any longer than absolutely necessary. One hundred and three days was as long as Justin’s patience would allow.

He slipped his hand into his pocket and offered a close-mouthed smile to the young women stumbling past, hand in hand. One was brunette, teetering in heels that Justin was pretty sure he could have used as murder weapons, and the other had vibrantly auburn hair that was probably attracting the attention of every surveillance device in the vicinity. Luckily for Justin, he knew that Keaton was following behind him and erasing every digital trace of his presence. The physical traces were Justin’s problem, but the electronic ones were as good as taken care of. Decoy footage and loops would divert enough attention from the outright-deleted sections. The women were drunk and so wrapped up in each other that Justin doubted they still remembered him when they made it to their room, six doors further down.