Cupid’s Pack (Heart Stone Mates #1) Read Online Kelsey Gamble

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“Cupid is the hand of fate.”
Cupid’s Pack has always served one purpose: Protect the purity of mate bonds.
But when my own fated mate turns out to be an unbearable prick, I tarnish my mother’s perfect record. As the Luna of Cupid’s Pack, she’s never allowed one of our own to live unmated… And she has no intention of making an exception for me.
When I choose to reject my mate, I seal my fate as an outcast.
I have no business being part of a pack known for love bonds when I don’t understand what love really is. I pack up the precious stone my father gave me for my eighteenth birthday and go rogue, determined to find answers for myself.
My Heart Stone leads me far from home, and it brings something unexpected. Mate bonds. Five distinct bonds that defy the rules shifters have always lived by. All five of my new mates are ready to mark our bonds, but nothing prepared me to make a choice like this.
What if our fates aren’t sealed after all?




“Do you think I would look cute with bangs?” My sister, Arielle, sweeps into my work studio with the front pieces of her pitch-black hair folded in the shape of faux bangs.

I let go of Indie’s golden-blonde locks and swing around toward the door, pointing my scissors at Arielle. “For the last time, absolutely not. The last time you talked me into cutting your bangs, you told me you hated me afterward and then hid in your room crying for a week.”

“I’m older now!” she protests. Her face screws up a little, cheeks coloring pink in a way that melts my heart. But only the tiniest bit. I’d do anything for her, but I’m not ready for a nuclear meltdown.

Indie and I share an amused look in the mirror when I turn back toward her. We both remember that the bangs fiasco was only three years ago. Arielle might be older, but not by much, and not enough to convince me to make that mistake again.

“Why don’t you order fake bangs online first and try them out?” Indie suggests.

Arielle purses her lips thoughtfully, and I fight the urge to lean down and wrap my arms around Indie’s neck in thanks.

My hero, my wolf tells my best friend across the silent mind link connection between us. Already I know a lot of tears have been saved with the suggestion. I’m sure my mom won’t be thrilled about us encouraging Arielle’s online shopping habit, but maybe I can get the front-gate guards to intercept the package when it comes so we can collect it in secret later. What’s the harm in one little package if it saves me a month’s worth of headaches?

The tinkling of the bell above the door to the studio pulls my attention away from Indie again, and I regard my mother as she strolls toward us in a stiff pink dress. “I should have known I’d find both of you in here,” she says easily, and a slight smile tugs at her lips. I try not to let it hurt my feelings that she’s already done her hair, a stray sticking out of the side of the updo. I’ve asked her a hundred times to let me help with her hair when she has important meetings.

Pushing away the urge to feel sorry for myself, I grab the hairspray and make my way to her. “I’m finishing up Indie’s layers. Do you need us?”

“Yes, actually.” I’m surprised to hear her admit it so openly. I’ve always helped a lot, but since my dad died four years ago, she’s been reluctant to ask. I wind up helping behind her back, despite the fact that it can be thankless work.

But that’s what families do, right?

“The guards are sending a young woman up for our help, but I have a special appointment arriving soon,” Mom continues as I spritz her hair and tuck the flyaway piece into the updo. My hands still as she continues, “Can you see that the woman is taken care of? If it’s anything you can’t handle, have her sit tight and I’ll deal with her when my appointment is over.”

Fighting to keep my face neutral as she speaks is a testament to the control I’ve wrestled over my expressions in the years since my father passed. I’m surprised to hear her speak so clinically of a woman coming to ask for her help, but it’s not my place to question her, so I choose my words carefully.

“Who’s the appointment?” Arielle blurts out with none of the tact I planned on.

Mom nervously rubs her lips together for a moment before she answers. “His name is Jakob MacKay of the Red Ash Pack.”

“Is it an appointment or a date?” Arielle asks, her voice laced with suspicion. I press my lips together tightly, lost somewhere between laughing at my sister’s ridiculousness and chastising her before Mom does.