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Craving Our Virgin

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Charlie Hart

Frankie Love

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Arriving in Tahiti should have been a dream come true … but then a tragic accident changes everything.

Chloe, Mason, Enzo, Noah, and Ethan are challenged with what unconditional love truly means.

Tensions flare as they are confronted by family members, face problems with their business partner, and struggle with how to express their love when outsiders judge their choices.

Will this five-some be able to get past what threatens to divide them and follow their hearts or will their love crumble in the real world? One thing is certain, these men crave their virgin, and they won’t let her go without a fight.

Dear Reader,

You asked for angst and CRAVING delivers. The sun’s still shining, but there’s trouble in paradise! Grab a bottle of rum, a beach umbrella, and your kindle—then come take a dip with the sexiest extreme sports team around. #sexinthesun #truelovex5 #whychoose

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Chapter 1


By the time we land in Tahiti, I’m exhausted. The flight from Jamaica was long and I didn’t get much sleep. Yes, perhaps the guys and I overdid it a bit, but it’s hard to pace ourselves. This relationship is still so new and there is so much unchartered territory when it comes to these men and me. And our bodies.

So, since we had a very long flight we had to take advantage of it. But it’s left me a little weak at the knees and slightly worn out.

As I disembark the plane, the fresh air of the tropical island overwhelms my senses. If I thought Jamaica was sex-on-a-beach romantic, it has nothing on Tahiti. As we jump in a Hummer and drive toward our lodgings, I see nothing but turquoise water, lush green plants, and a sun shining so bright I squint to see the road ahead of us.

“Here, take these,” Mason says, handing me my shades. I kiss him on the nose as a thank you and slip them on.

“Much better,” I say as Noah pulls into the resort where we’ll be staying. Getting out of the car, a bellman helps unload our bags and tells the guys that their sports gear is set to be arriving later this afternoon.

A woman in a sarong hands us tropical fruit cocktails, and I drink mine with a smile, taking in this exotic locale where I’ll be spending the next few weeks. The guys, though, all politely decline the alcoholic beverage. I try not to roll my eyes at their health-nut inclinations, and while I could be the supportive girlfriend who refuses in solidarity, I’m not quite that resolved. Instead, I grab another glass and take a sip.

Bliss. Pure coconut-rum-infused bliss.

“Is drunk-Chloe going to be joining us in Tahiti?” Noah asks, squeezing my shoulders, then kissing my neck. “Because I haven’t met her and I must admit to being curious.”

“Ha-ha,” I say as Ethan and Mason leave to check in for us. “I’ve never actually been drunk before. A few drinks here and there, sure, but I’ve never gotten crazy.”

Enzo grins, calling over the waitress and asking for another cocktail. She looks at me with judgment in her eyes, and I glance at the floor, not wanting to call attention to myself. But I can feel her watching me, seeing Noah’s hands around my waist, noticing Enzo’s bright eyes as he looks at me. The way the guys all treat me. Like I am theirs.

When Enzo replaces my empty glass with a new one I smile and thank him, determined not to let a stranger dictate how I feel. But then I also remember the pilot’s frown when he took a look at us, our bodies a tangle of limbs. And the way the woman at the airport scowled at me when I held both Noah and Ethan’s hands.

But Enzo smiles back and his attitude rubs off on me. “You guys, I’m already jet-lagged, this is gonna be trouble.”

“Aww, live a little, Bambina.”

Smirking, I take another drink. “We have no idea what kind of person drunk-Chloe might be. I could be totally boring and pass out for fourteen hours.”

Noah laughs. “Or, she could be totally wild and…”

I cut him off, raising an eyebrow. “Honestly, I think I’ve been wild enough the past few weeks to get a free pass there. Remember what I did with that chocolate sauce?”

That shuts him up. A few days ago I poured chocolate sauce on Noah’s cock and went to town. What can I say? I have a penchant for sweets.

He raises his hands in defeat. “I retract. You’re plenty wild without any libations.”

I smile, a twinkle in my eye. “Well, now I’m curious.” I down my drink and wipe my mouth as ladylike as possible, considering I’ve had three cocktails in fifteen minutes.

When Mason and Ethan return with five room keys I admit to being surprised and it isn’t the booze reacting. I don’t want to be alone.

“Here’s your key, Chloe,” Ethan says.

In Jamaica, we shared a house, which meant we prepared our meals together and could sprawl out in the shared spaces, but at a big resort like this? “I’ll be flying solo?”

Mason squeezes my shoulder. “We just thought this way you could have space if you need it, and we’re all staying pretty close to one another, we each have our own hut on the water, in a row.”

I nod. “I see. It’s just, I get a little anxious being by myself in a foreign country.” I shake my head, hating how insecure I feel. But I clearly remember how alone I felt in Jamaica, on the beach before the guys found me. How scary it was.

Enzo lifts my chin, our eyes locking. “It’s okay, Bella. We’re here for you. You can share your room with someone every night, or if you want to be in someone else’s room, that’s okay too. We mostly want to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by all of us.”

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