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Commando (Rogue Rebels MC Book 1)

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Nicole Elliot

Ellie Wild

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Screw the rules, I’m screwing her. Ava is off limits.
As the new bartender at The Lucky Lady, she’s protected by a Club rule I freaking hate.
Don’t hook up with the help.
But I can’t keep my eyes off of her.
And my hands? Well, they said I couldn’t sleep with her.
I’ll make sure we never sleep.
She has to feel the rumble of my bike between her legs.
And get off, again and again.
But if the Club finds out, she’s out of a job, and I’m as good as dead.
The President’s son, breaking the rules?
For her.

Commando is a super steamy motorcycle romance. It has a HEA and NO Cliffhanger. There are a few bonus books for your reading pleasure (Including an EXCLUSIVE Book, Deep). Enjoy!

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Rogue Rebels MC Series by Nicole Elliot

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Nicole Elliot Books

Ellie Wild Books

Chapter 1


I felt the whisky burn as it travelled down my throat. I could still remember when Dad gave me my first taste. I was eleven years old. The juice of life, he’d said.

“You still thinking about that blond you banged yesterday?” Slade interrupted my thoughts, thumping my back; which nearly spilt the whisky out of the glass in my hand. Fucker.

“Which one?” I asked, swiveling around on my bar stool to them. The others laughed, Slade grinned.

“There were only two blonds last night,” he said and my lips curled in a smile. Slade was a jokester, but wasn’t exactly great at taking a joke. Although, I wasn’t kidding. I’d meant to tell him earlier, but then I forgot.

“Exactly,” I said and he lunged at me, knocking the glass out of my hands.

There were two blonds last night. Claire or something, the one with the big tits, and I didn’t even remember the other one’s name. She had plump red lips and I remembered the way they fit like a latex glove around my cock. She was the one Slade had been working for the past week.

Girth and King got him off me, while he grit his teeth and flared his nostrils at me. I wasn’t going to fight him. I was having fun but he was family. There was no reason for me to take a punch.

He was breathing hard when they pulled him off me and he made a quick jerk with his hands to pull his shirt back down into position.

“This better be your idea of a joke, Commando,” he said and I looked sheepishly at the others. They were smiling but I knew were secretly hoping it was a joke.

Do I tell him she screamed my name as I plowed into her from behind? That she left me three voicemails this morning? It was so easy to rile Slade up. In the last year since he took Woods’ spot in the Club, he’d become the guy we used as a lovable punching bag. It wasn’t like he was a brother to me. I would have loved to see his face when I told him she was a squirter.

“Just kidding, bro,” I said instead and emptied the whisky down my throat.

Slade took a moment to buy it. He went from frowning and huffing to smiling and laughing in a matter of seconds. Did I really have that good of a poker face?

Hell yeah I did.

I caught King’s eye as Slade sat down on a stool beside me and ordered another round for the bunch of us. King knew what had happened. He saw me go to the back of the Club with both the women. He was warning me with his narrowed eyes. I raised my empty glass to him and smirked. What was life if not made for fucking anyone available? And that blond was available last night. It wasn’t like I would have batted an eyelid if Slade slept with her tonight. As long as I got to her first.

“Y’know, you guys could give me a hand with these,” Big D brought us our glasses. He’d always worked alone at the Club. Word was that he was known as ‘Shrink’ on the inside, because apparently, he used to lie down on one of the bunks and listen to these big tatted up men pour their hearts out to him. Now that he was outside, he was the perfect bartender at the Club.

King whistled at Girth like he was calling a dog.

“Take him,” he said and we all burst out laughing. Big D rolled his eyes, giving the counter a swipe with the rag on his shoulder.

“You want to put the two biggest guys in here behind the bar?” he said and crossed his bulky biceps over each other on his chest. We still couldn’t stop laughing. Just the thought of Girth and Big D behind the bar, squeezing themselves in!

“We’ll hire an outsider, Big D, and don’t let these boys get to ya,” it was Dad’s voice that interrupted our laughter. He was sitting at the end of the counter, surrounded by Crawford and the other older members of the club. He’d overheard the conversation and had spoken in his deep voice, which had the power of silencing everyone in the room.

Those were qualities that were important to him.



The Bike


He’d tried his best to instill those qualities in me, to prepare me for when it was my turn to become President of the Rogue Rebels. It was just that sometimes I got the order of things mixed up.

“Yes, Sir,” Big D said and went back to working the bar. A lot of people liked to call Dad Sir or just Elwood. He never corrected them. We were one big family, a family of brothers as Crawford used to say, but Dad made sure that everyone knew who the head of the family was. It was him. And it was going to be me.

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