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Claiming the Cowboy (Circle B Ranch #7)

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Kennedy Fox

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Early morning feedings, barn clean up, and chasing goats are Knox Bishop’s everyday routine. That changes when a bachelor auction brings him face to face with the world’s most forbidden fruit—his twin brother’s crush.
He shouldn’t tempt her, but the way her body reacts to his makes it too damn easy.
Hadleigh has known the Bishop twins all her life and they’ve never crossed the lines. That is until she fools around with Knox and learns he has a piercing south of the border. A piercing she very much enjoys licking.
She knows his main hobby consists of random weekend hookups, but she can’t get the taste of him off her mind.
Admitting what she feels wouldn’t be so difficult if Kane Bishop hadn’t just confessed his feelings for her too. Now she finds herself wedged between two brothers—one she could break and one who could break her.

**Claiming the Cowboy is a complete stand-alone and can be read without reading any of the other books or spin-off series, but if you prefer to read in order, start with Hitching the Cowboy as the characters and families do interconnect.**
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Circle B Ranch Series by Kennedy Fox

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Kennedy Fox

“when was it over”

-Sasha Alex Sloan, Sam Hunt



“Knox…we’re gonna get caught.” Larissa giggles as I brush my lips over her neck.

“Not if you stay quiet,” I state. “Kneel.”

She licks her lips in anticipation as she undoes my belt buckle and unzips my jeans. People chatter in the hallway as we hide in the cleaning closet of the community center before the bachelor auction starts. Grandma Bishop makes me and all the single ranch hands participate, as she does every year, and since it’s for charity, most of us don’t argue. No one is dumb enough to disagree with her anyway.

However, this year is different since most of my cousins are engaged or married now.

Larissa pulls out my cock and wraps her palm around my length. When she sees my double frenum piercing, she looks up at me with wide eyes. Smirking, I slide my fingers through her hair and pull. Her head slightly falls back, giving me the perfect angle. “Open.”

Her cheeks heat as she obeys, and I shove myself down her throat. “Now suck.”

She slides me between her lips, then pumps my shaft until my balls tighten. Several minutes later, I release on her tongue.

“Fuck,” I grunt when she hollows her cheeks, milking every drop. “You’re good at that.”

She wipes her chin with a prideful grin, then stands. “Do you want—?”

“I gotta go. The auction is startin’ soon, and my grandma will kill me if I’m late,” I tell her, adjusting my Wranglers and button-up shirt. I don’t usually wear clothes like this, but Grandma gave us a dress code.

“Oh.” Her expression is pure disappointment. I never gave her the impression that this meant anything. She chased me, and I won’t deny a blow job from a pretty girl.

“See ya ’round, darlin’.” I kiss her cheek because I’m a gentleman, after all, then grab my black cowboy hat. Without checking if it’s clear, I open the door and leave.

On the way to the staging area, I see the place is packed with women of all ages. A group of Bishop girls sits in the front. Then I see my parents with my twin brother, Kane, and Grayson, one of the ranch hands who works at my family’s ranch too.

“We’re ’bout to start. Y’all ready?” my mom asks. She’s the emcee this year. “I’m announcing you first so you can’t run off on me.”

I groan with an eye roll. Considering I’m twenty-six and have participated every year since I was eighteen, she’s being dramatic. “You know that isn’t necessary. But I understand wanting to set the standard with the best.” I adjust my collar.

Kane shakes his head. We may be identical, but he’s more introverted and reserved than I am. He also gets way less pussy because he’s obsessed with his best friend, Hadleigh.

Grayson stands next to him with his arms crossed and a shit-eating grin plastered on his pretty-boy face.

“What’s the smug look for?” I ask, nudging him.

“Nothin’. Just looking forward to this year’s event.”

I study him. “You hopin’ this’ll be the year Kenzie bids on you, huh? Don’t get too excited.” I laugh because I know better. Kenzie’s my older cousin who can’t stand him, yet he keeps trying to get her attention. She only gives it to him in the form of snarky comebacks and flipping him off.

He grunts. “Yeah, we’ll see.”

“’Kay, I’m going to welcome everyone and get things started. You boys come out when I call ya.” Mom smacks her lips on my cheek, and although I’m a grown-ass man, she continues treating me like a five-year-old kid.

“Welcome to another bachelor auction. I hope y’all brought your wallets because every penny raised tonight is goin’ to the local food pantry,” Mom announces into the microphone. “I’ve been to my fair share of these, and it’s safe to say, the selection gets better and better.”

The crowd chuckles.

“Excuse me, woman?” Dad steps on stage with his own microphone. “Better than me?”

“Who gave you that?” Mom scolds, and the audience erupts into laughter.

“I have my ways,” he taunts.

“Well you’re no spring chicken, my darlin’. But I would’ve spent all my money to win you.”