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Citrine (Date-A-Dragon #4)

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Terry Bolryder

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Citrine, the last unmated gemstone dragon and mentor to the metal dragons, has finally gotten his story!

Citrine Vanderguard has searched tirelessly for his mate. And now, hundreds of miles later, he’s found her. She’s on the brink of mating someone she can’t possibly love, all for the sake of responsibility. So he does the only thing he can to win over the curvy, confident woman that makes the dragon inside him roar with approval: challenge the jerk that would be her mate to a fight for her hand.

Robbie can’t believe her eyes when Citrine, her former coworker in Seattle who she felt an irresistible attraction to, shows up on her doorstep out of nowhere. What’s more, he’s here to challenge her fiancé. But in spite of the audacious overture, the tall, muscular man with dark brown hair and amber eyes that are warm like a sunset still has the same effect on her body and heart.

As time ticks by leading up to the fight that will determine her destiny, subtle attraction blazes into pure fire. Though Citrine knows he’ll do anything for Robbie, she will have to make the ultimate choice between familial responsibility and personal happiness. And whispers of a big, bad wolf in the mountains of Robbie’s home may be more than just a fairy tale.

Citrine is the fourth book in the Date-A-Dragon series! It contains ridiculously hot dragons, steamy romance, and strong, curvy women. Enjoy!

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Date-A-Dragon Series by Terry Bolryder

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Terry Bolryder Books

Chapter 1

Citrine considered himself the most practical of dragons. He’d never needed a collar. He’d never fallen out of line. He’d done everything the oracle asked of him, helped many dragons find their way, and fought alongside his friends in epic battles with perfect precision.

He’d never been one to lose control. Considered gentle by some, terrifying by others, he’d always prided himself on being above petty, overwhelming emotions.

That was before he found his mate.

He adjusted the radio in the car he’d gotten sick and tired of driving during his searches through the mountainous regions of Washington. When he found nothing but static, he turned the radio off to be alone with his thoughts.

He was getting close now. So close. And the closer he got, the more his heart pounded in painful memory of the day he’d realized he did have normal emotions.

That under the right circumstances, even a rational, logical male could be whipped into a storm of rage and frustration that could cause him to act stupidly.

Thus, he now had a collar around his neck.

Luckily for him, it was the collar made for the original awakened dragons and would allow partial shifting and use of powers if someone were in danger. If it were the more restrictive collar used for the metal dragons (brute Vikings that they were), then he would be in a lot more trouble.

Because he was headed into wolf country and an almost sure confrontation with one of their powerful alphas, and he couldn’t afford to lose.

Not if it meant losing Robbie.

He ran a hand through his dark, collar-length hair that had become slightly disheveled the past few weeks on the road. Robbie had lied to Kelsie about living only an hour from Seattle. But it made sense that she couldn’t tell a human who had no idea about shifters that there were isolated wolf packs hiding in the deepest pockets of forest nested all around the mountains.

He hadn’t known about it himself, and he prided himself on knowing a great deal of shifter culture. Then again, there was general knowledge and there was regional knowledge, and—

He let out a huff and decided that babbling, even in his own head, was unnecessary.

What would it be like to see her again? What would he say? Was he presentable? He looked in the mirror as he followed the winding road up into the mountains and saw slight dark circles under his eyes.

It made sense. His mate was out there, possibly being claimed by someone. Possibly alone or hurt or being forced into something she didn’t want.

She shouldn’t have just left like that. He supposed he hadn’t faced his feelings because he always kept himself tightly locked up and because he’d had a job to do with the other dragons before he could think about his own situation.

But he’d thought he had time…

It was getting shadier overhead as the towering trees surrounded the road, which was narrow and bumpy. A few minutes later, light burst through as he pulled into a clearing and saw a small sign pointing right, a road curving up in a circle. He turned onto it, and as he curved around, a tiny town came into view, nestled a little lower amongst trees.

He pulled an address out of his pocket. The most recent lead he’d gotten from the oracle. If this was the right town… if this was the right place, he would soon be seeing Robbie.

He continued to drive into the town, looking at the numbers on the quaint, quiet houses, observing the few people walking outside who looked back at him with wary eyes. He didn’t know that he’d ever seen such a small town before.

Minutes seemed to pass in seconds, and his chest felt tighter as he got closer to his destination. Despite his dragon being restrained inside him, Citrine could feel it roaring. His mate was here, in these woods.

He kept driving until he got to a private driveway with a gate. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to ring the button, so he parked in the shade, got out of the car, and looked through the bars. A nice, older, largish house stood back from a large garden, set back from the town a little bit.

He could ring the button by the gate, but he decided he wanted the element of surprise, so he walked to the wall by the side of the gate and scaled it easily, planting one hand at the top and leaping over. He didn’t have dragon strength for nothing.

He strode up the front drive, staying in the shade of the trees, and when he saw the steps leading up to the front door, slightly chipped by age but so welcoming, he wanted to let out a sigh of relief.

This was her home. This was where his mate had grown up.

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