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Bruin (New Law MC #2)

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Hope Ford

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My only plans were to escape…until I fell in love.
I escaped the Eater’s MC. My father died and I have nothing left except my stepbrother who is out to get me. I have to pass through the New Law’s territory and I think I have it made… until I don’t.
When I’m discovered, I’m put under the supervision of Bruin, the Sgt. Of Arms of the New Law MC. With plans to seduce him so I can run free, I don’t expect for my bear to fall in love.
She’s the enemy… or so we think. I didn’t think it was possible to care for, much less fall in love with a woman from their side.
When it’s time to make the trade, Penny for money, will I be able to do it?
This is a Steamy, Sweet, Novella. No Cliffhangers. This is the second story in the New Law MC Series. If you love short romances with alpha men, curvy women, insta love, hot love scenes, and a sweet story, then this one is for you.
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New Law MC Series by Hope Ford

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Hope Ford



Alban Samuels isn’t even cold yet when I grab my bag and climb out the window of the four-story building we’ve been living in. I lift the neck of my shirt up and wipe the tears off my face, hating to leave him like this but knowing I don’t have a choice. Alban is my father and I couldn’t leave him. Not then. And even now, it takes everything I have to actually climb out the window. I look back at him and he looks more at peace now than he probably ever has. We were able to say our goodbyes and it was only after I promised him that I would leave that he finally gave up. It’s almost like he knew that my only chance of surviving was if he died. I hate to even think it, but I imagine it’s true. I felt him take his last breath. My head was lying on his chest, and I could feel the life fade out of him. I set here quietly, not wanting to alert the rest of the house of what has happened, but wanting one last minute alone with the man that has stood by me and cared for me since the beginning.

I’ve grown up in the Eaters MC. My father was once the vice president of the club. Until he got too sick. Some of them said it was because he got too soft. But whatever the reason, the club got worse once my dad got sick. They were always bad, but now they’re downright evil. I look at the goosebumps on my arm even thinking about it. I’ve seen it all, more bad, unimaginable things than I’ll ever be able to forget in my lifetime. I’ve wanted out since I was ten years old and I saw one of the Eaters kill an innocent man right in the middle of downtown. I’ll never forget it. The Eater shifted and his bear was no match for the man trying to pay for his groceries at the open market. The bear pawed him and sliced him open with his strong claws. With the blood pouring from his mouth, the Eater walked away on all fours, eating the meat the man had just paid for. There were people all around us, but not one person intervened. No one stepped in. I watched as the man gasped for breath and finally took his last one. It’s as if his eyes are forever ingrained in my mind and I swear I’ve had nightmares about that incident ever since then. From that day forward, I dreamed of one day leaving the Eaters MC.

The one thing holding me back was my father. My mother was a club twinkie and she left me behind with Dad when she decided to move on to the next club. My dad saw the bad things and saw what the club was becoming, but he couldn’t leave. The life of an Eater is all my father and I have ever known. On my fifteenth birthday, I was ready to go. I had it all planned out and I was leaving. Instead of leaving, though, that day I was sentenced to stay at the Eaters club and I didn’t know for how long, I just knew I couldn’t leave. That day was the day that my dad was diagnosed with the big C. I couldn’t leave then, even though he begged me to. He knew what would come of me without him here. He knew that the club was merely biding their time until they thought of me as free. He’s been sick for a long time – over three years - and I just couldn’t force myself to leave. And they knew it. The very little freedom they did give me is because they knew I wouldn’t leave my father. But now that he’s gone, there’s nothing holding me back. I have to get out of here before Silver, my half-brother and vice president of the Eater club, finds out that our dad is dead. Once he and the rest of the club find out that I’m no longer tethered to them, they will force me to stay by any means necessary.

I’ve watched Silver these last few weeks. Dad has been sick for a while, but lately, he’s been even weaker. I could see in Silver’s eyes that he knew our dad was passing soon. I try to remember the Silver from my youth. At one time, he was a good person. I don’t know what changed him, but now he’s pure evil. He’s not anything or anyone that I would want to mess with. He would watch our dad, and I could tell there’s no love there, he was just waiting, biding his time, waiting for Dad to die.