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Black Desire (A Kelly Black Affair Book 1)

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C.J. Thomas

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I did it for a friend. But he was the reason I stayed.

Criminal defense lawyer, Kelly Black, came into my life as I was on my way out. He was infuriatingly handsome, except the Madam said I couldn’t have him. And no matter how many dates I had to keep my mind off of him, Mr. Black was the man who dominated my thoughts.

Then it happened. Ignoring the warnings that he was dangerous, I let him into my life not realizing that his touch would be the reason my broken past resurfaced. Determined not to lose the man who turned my life around, it was up to me to let him know who I truly was. But when he presented me with a demand of his own, I wasn’t sure I was ready to agree to his terms.

Submitting was never my strong suit.

*Black Desire is intended for mature audiences only.

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A Kelly Black Affair Series by C.J. Thomas

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“Shut up!”

“I’m not kidding. He really did that,” Alex said, giggling like a fool in love.

The driver made a left turn and a block later we entered the neighborhood that housed Madam’s office. She said it was urgent and that she needed to see me. I didn’t ask any questions. The Madam wasn’t a woman you questioned too often. Besides, it wasn’t like I had anything else to do today, and it gave me an excuse to see her bodyguard, Jerome. He always managed to make my day brighter.

Alex kept talking my ear off while I exchanged friendly glances with my driver. His eyes were soft and dark with crinkles at the corners that made me think he was a man who liked to smile, laugh, and have a good time.

“And after he slipped the furry socks over each of my feet, he demanded that I go to bed with him.”

“Well, nothing has changed there.” I rolled my eyes and leaned further back in the solid black leather seat. I was happy for Alex. I really was. What she had with film maker Nash Brooks was what any woman would dream of having. Hell, even in the beginning I’d wanted to sleep with Nash. And that was no secret. Even Alex knew that. But in the end, he had his eye set on her.

“Except it’s not what you’re thinking.” Alex’s voice nearly cracked in embarrassment. “He didn’t want sex.”

My brows squished. “Nash Brooks. The man with the third leg didn’t want sex?”

“Nope.” Alex’s lips popped as if proud of this.

My mind raced to understand. Nash was a man with an appetite. A real man with the kind of muscles to prove it. “Then what did he want?”

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

I could hear Alex drop her face into her hands. “You can’t stop now. You have me heating up. Hell, girl, I’m rounding first base and on my way to second.”

Alex laughed.

“Spill it.” My voice was firm, meaning business.

“He’ll kill me if he finds out I told you.”

“My lips are sealed.” I held my hand over my heart. “It’s me. Your friend who uncaringly tells you everything.”

“Okay. All right.” Alex paused as if already regretting what she was about to lay down on me. “He said he has trouble falling asleep without me there.”

I burst out laughing, taking the phone away from my ear for a second. The driver’s eyes locked on me and were perfectly framed by the rearview mirror.

“I knew telling you was a mistake.”

I fought hard to control my fit of laughter and, finally, after a minute, I wiped the tears of amusement from my eye and said, “You really have broken this man.”

“Hardly.” Alex chuckled. “If he finds out I told you this, he’ll make sure to punish me.”

“Then I’ll be sure to tell him.” I smirked. For as much shit as I was giving her, it was nice to know that someone like Nash Brooks had a softer, kinder, more compassionate side with the woman he said he loved. That filled me with hope that maybe this world wasn’t as fucked up as I sometimes thought it was.

“Where are you, anyway?”

“On my way to the Madam’s.” I leaned toward the center seat and looked through the front windshield. Town cars lined the street and palms swayed against the gentle breeze. It was just another sunny day in southern California, and we were nearly to my drop.

“You slut.”

“Hey now!”


“That was my old title.”

“And your new one?”

“Still working on it. But I’m a professional now and I think I deserve to be called something a bit classier than whore, or slut.” I felt my eyes smile.

“She’s working you hard.”

The corners of my lips curled into a devilish smile. “Just what the doctor ordered.”

Working for the Madam had been incredible. It was the best solution to helping Alex get out of her situation and back in the arms of Nash. And the pay was excellent, too.

But money wasn’t my reason for wanting to do this. And I knew that it was early for me to say this, but for me, escorting had been an excuse to go out several nights a week, taste a variety of different flavors, and be taken into worlds I otherwise would have never been invited into. That was it. That was all I’d ever wanted. It wasn’t so much to ask, right?

“She has a new date for me,” I said, feeling my heart skip a beat.

Alex gasped. It was barely audible, but enough for me to catch it through the phone. “Do you still like it?”

I had a feeling I knew why she was asking me. She didn’t want me to regret my decision, and I could appreciate that. But I had no choice in the matter after what I mistakenly got her caught up in. She was lucky to have come out of her ordeal as well as she had. Hell, we were both lucky she was still alive.

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