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Billionaire’s Vacation (An Alpha Billionaire Romance Love Story)

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Claire Adams

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Christian Wall, real estate aficionado, and America’s sexiest billionaire bachelor, is known for his string of one-night stands and partying ways. But when the co-owners of his company get fed up with his behavior, he heads down to Hawaii for a little rest and recuperation.

In Hawaii, he meets Gretchen, the talented masseuse. But the two of them are from entirely different worlds, and they know from the get-go that a relationship would never work out between them. Not only is Gretchen skeptical of his interest in her—she’s read the articles, and she knows what type of guy Christian is—but there’s no way she’s moving to New York with him…and that’s where his life and job are based.

What happens when they find themselves falling more and more in love with the other, though? Is there any way for them to compromise and have their happily ever after? Or as Gretchen’s friend insists, is it possible that happy endings just don’t exist in the real world?

Billionaire’s Vacation is a billionaire romance with a HEA, no cheating.

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Chapter 1


I tapped my fingers against the edge of the couch as I waited for them to finish the final sound check and whatever other miscellaneous things that they were doing. I thought that they would get all that done while I was still in hair and wardrobe, but apparently, they weren’t aware of how valuable my time was. I should have charged them extra.

“All right, I think we’re ready,” Kelly, the interviewer, said, dropping into a seat to my left and giving me a winning smile. As though she needed a smile like that with legs like those. I watched as she carefully crossed her long, tanned, muscular limbs in front of her and carefully arranged her navy skirt. When she leaned toward me, clearly trying to appear friendly for the cameras, I caught a glimpse of a lacy, black bra beneath her gray shirt. Maybe she wasn’t quite as straight-laced and prim as she appeared to be.

I smiled back at her, albeit more predatorily than anything else. I was so going to bag her by the end of the night no doubt. No woman could resist me for too long, though the small portion of the chase was most of the fun.

“All right, everyone, we’re live in three, two, one!”


Kelly turned toward the cameras, giving her viewers her classic grin. She was a pretty girl, no doubt. Half the reason the viewers watched her was because she reminded them of who they wanted to be. Young. Successful. Sexy.

“All right, everyone, we’re here on The Latest, bringing you the best in entertainment interviews and gossip. And tonight, we have a very special guest for you: Christian Wall!” There was clapping from the studio audience, and even though I hated interviews like this, I forced a charming smile on my face. Time to put on my best façade and give them what they wanted. Sounded like the cadence of my life story.

The thing was, even though I wasn’t the sole owner of Sunrise Real Estate, I was the face of the company. I loved working press conferences, and I loved going out and talking to people who were looking to buy houses and helping them find their dream homes. I’d had the chance to be on a number of reality TV shows where I helped sell homes to couples looking in various cities that we operated in, and that was always worth all the fuss.

But the entertainment ones were always a bit trickier. I’d have to be careful not to let Kelly trip me up. I knew the kinds of things that had been in the news about me lately, things that were making everyone, even Paul, a bit frustrated.

“So, Christian, as you probably know, the main reason that I’ve asked you here today is that you have recently been named the hottest bachelor in the United States. Can we just start with a talk about that title?” She smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes. I couldn’t help but wonder how many other people in the world were walking around, faking happiness.

I laughed a little, shaking my head. “Well, it’s of course very flattering,” I said. “I’ve heard about guys getting named the hottest bachelor in their city or things like that, but I thought Mr. USA had to be a model!”

Kelly gave me a smirking once-over and looked out toward the audience. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but if Christian here isn’t fit to be a model, then I don’t know who is! In fact, I’d say it’s only a matter of time before they have you up on underwear ads around the city.”

“You wish, maybe!” I said, even though I was inwardly rolling my eyes. Sure, I was hot enough to be up on those sorts of ads, and what I did with my personal life had always been, I held, no one’s business except for my own. However, she did have to realize that for all the other things that had made it into the news, I did have some professional reputation that I needed to uphold. Not many young husbands would feel comfortable buying a house from someone they knew their wives were wanking to. It was disturbing, and yet a little hot.

“From what I hear in the news lately, there are other ways to get the great Christian Wall down to his underwear,” Kelly said, a gleam in her eyes, and of course that was where she had been heading with that remark. I might have seen that one coming.

I cut her off with my canned response before she could mention the whole underwear incident. It had been a stupid bet with one of my friends, fueled by way too much alcohol. We’d been out at this bar, and girls had been stripping their shirts off so that guys would do body shots off them. Originally, I’d ended up on the table with just my shirt off, but then one thing had led to another, and there had been these two sexy Swedish girls practically fucking me right there on the floor, their hands trailing everywhere.

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