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Big Bad Fake Groom: A Billionaire’s Virgin Romance

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Tia Siren

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I need a wedding.
I need a bride.
But marriage is my worst nightmare, so why not fake it?
The only thing worse than marriage?
A virgin who wants to wait ’til the wedding night.

I’m New York’s wealthiest bachelor.
Oil is my business and women are my pleasure.
And the sound of wedding bells makes me cringe.
Until I find out my inheritance depends on me getting engaged.
So I do exactly what I do best. I buy a solution.
Paige Scott is the sexiest upcoming painter on the NY art scene and needs the publicity as much as I need my inheritance.
A deal made in heaven, right?
The virgin insists that we don’t have sex before the wedding.
Marriage and virginity, REALLY?
But Paige is the biggest tease my c*ck has ever gone hard for.
Well, I sure can RISE for this challenge.
I’m going to make her wet. I’m going to make her ache for me. Then, I’m going to steal her virginity before the big day.
And once I get it, I’m gone.

But I never counted on actually wanting to say, ‘I do.’


This is a standalone novel of 50000 words with a guaranteed HEA. I’ve also included several more exclusive bonus books for your pleasure.

Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.

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Tia Siren Books

Chapter One


“Finer strokes, my dear Paige. Finer strokes.”

She focused on doing what Professor Grey instructed her to do by adjusting her grip on the paintbrush. The strokes on the canvas were smoother then. Somehow he always knew exactly what needed to be done.

Paige turned on her stool to give an appreciative smile to Professor Grey. He was an older man with gray hair twisted back into a ponytail and a white beard that reminded his students of a real-life Santa Claus. He even had the potbelly that poked out through paint-splattered shirts.

“You are doing wonderful,” he said, patting her on the shoulder. “More advanced than some of my graduating seniors this year.”

The compliment cheered her up instantly. Two months of living in the hustle of New York City had taken a toll on her emotionally. She dearly missed both her parents who were back in Wyoming. This was the first time in her life she had gone this long without seeing them face to face, and it was hard every single day to not feel homesick. It didn’t help that her mother cried every time they spoke on the phone at the end of Paige’s hectic days of classes and figuring out where all the dining places were.

New York University was spread throughout several city blocks. It took forty minutes to an hour just to walk to a class from her dorm. She didn’t mind so much though, except in the winter when it was freezing.

It was a drastic difference compared to the quietness of her hometown. There were only 5,000 people there, and they lived on sixty acres of farmland. Hearing the constant sound of cars, alarms, and late-night chatter was also drastically different.

And there were times that Paige wondered if moving to New York had been the right thing to do after what had happened. She quickly shut that last trailing thought down. There would be a time to deal with all that later, not while she was in her freshman painting class.

“Really?” Paige asked.

He nodded and let out a soft chuckle. “Yes. That’s a scary thought, now isn’t it?” He gazed down at her with kind blue eyes. “How are you handling your first two months here at NYU? Feeling homesick at all?”

“Yeah, a little. If I’m being honest, it’s been hard,” she said. “I miss my parents, but I assume that’s normal.”

“Normal as can be. You came from Wyoming, correct?” He tilted his head to the side, watching her closely.

“Yes. My parents own a farm, so the nightlight is a change of pace for me.” She shrugged, trying hard not to think about home. It would be far too easy to dive into another depression about missing her family and her old room.

Professor Grey laughed. “I imagine it is. Well, try to stick to being here in New York. It’s a lifetime experience and a wonderful opportunity for a woman such as yourself.”

He continued down the line of students. Paige finished up her painting with a pleased smile. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That much she had recognized when opening the acceptance letter over a year ago to find out she had also been selected for a hefty scholarship that at least covered her food and housing. Everything else had fallen onto her parents’ shoulders, who insisted they had saved for a day when her dreams and talents would take her places.

It had taken to her New York City of all places. The big city. And for a small-town country girl like her, it was different…even terrifying at times.

She cleaned up her workstation as Professor Grey talked about next week’s student critique. He excused them a few minutes later with a bid for them to have a good weekend.

Slipping the strap of her leather tote onto her shoulder, Paige filed out with the rest of her freshman classmates, but she didn’t bother talking to anyone. They were all nice, but several of them were too high class for her. They didn’t have problems with money. They were only going to New York University because their parents could afford it and they were required to go to school if they wanted access to a wealthy lifestyle. Students like Paige were the oddballs who wore cheap leggings and T-shirts to every class.

She spotted Jessica Kindley waiting in the lobby of the fine arts building. Her heart lifted at the sight of a familiar and friendly face. Jessica lived in the room next to hers in their apartment building. She was on a full-ride scholarship to study English and Creative Writing. She came from a low-income home with five sisters, so that was the only way she had been able to come—through her writing.

“How was class?” Jessica asked.

“Fine,” Paige said. She stopped to wait for Jessica to gather her things from the couch she had been studying on. “I’m glad the afternoon is over though. Want to get some pizza tonight for dinner? I’m craving it like crazy, that thin crust New York style pizza that you can fold over and it still takes forever to eat.”

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