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Beg Me Angel

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Leah Holt

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I never asked to have her, but now she’ll have to beg me to let her go.

All I wanted was to be left alone, to be free from the past that tried to consume me.
Until I found her beaten and left for dead in my woods.
I never expected to see a young girl curled up in the brush, covered in dirt and bruises. She was so innocent and helpless.
So I brought her home, I helped her, I took care of her. . .
I saved her.
When the dirt came off I saw nothing but woman. Her figure was full and needy, her lush lips were tempting and ready to taste my c**k.
Everything about her made me want her for myself.
And when she told me she was a virgin, that was enough to seal her fate.
I knew what she wanted and I was ready to give it to her.
But the world was looking for this lost girl, she had a family that wanted her back.
Even if I had the soul to do what was right, my heart wouldn’t let me. She became mine the moment I cradled her in my arms.
And I didn’t plan on that ever changing.
Why should I let go of something that was mine?

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“We have a witness that puts you there, Paxton, so why don’t you cut out all this bullshit and just tell us the truth?”

Balling my fists on the table, my nails cut into the skin, piercing deep. I felt the warmth of the blood as it reached the surface, slowly breaking out and running down my palm. “Fuck you.”

The detective chuckled, glancing at the two-way mirror with a devilish smirk. “Now that kind of talk isn’t going to get you anywhere with me.” Flipping a cigarette into his mouth, he leaned over the table and offered one to me. “We can’t be friends, but that doesn’t mean we have to be enemies.”

Shaking my head no, I glowered at him, ready to launch across the table and wrap my hands around his fucking neck.

Lighting the end, he took a long slow puff, exhaling the smoke in one heavy stream at my face. “Okay, so you want to stick with your story? You think that we’re really going to believe you when a witness can identify you as one of the men who kidnapped that young girl?”

“I didn’t kidnap her.”

That was a small lie. I didn’t kidnap her in the way these assholes wanted to make it seem. It was nothing like that. I might have been a monster, but that part of me had died the moment she came into my world.

“Then what would you call it? Did you invite her over for a slumber party? Did you two roast marshmallows and tell scary stories every night?” Laughing, Detective Roland scooted his chair a little closer, tapping the ash head off his cigarette and into the small silver tray. “Because the way I see it, and honestly, the way the state sees it and everyone else in this damn county; you took her, you held her captive, that constitutes as kidnapping.” Taking another drag, he blew the smoke over my head, aiming it at the long florescent light. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Baring my teeth, I snarled. He was a fucking prick, trying to make it seem like I had planned the entire thing. I didn’t, I wouldn’t do that.

That was the whole reason I had even stowed myself away in that place to begin with.

I had done it to save the innocent, to keep everyone else safe when my mind began to turn and shift from sane to unstable. I saw it coming, I felt it, and I knew what I was capable of.

Yes, I had done my fair share of terrorizing people who showed up on my property uninvited, but most of them deserved it.

And yes, I had come close—so damn close—to letting my dark side take over. I was at the brink, ready to let loose and finally give in to what my whispered thoughts were begging for.

But I didn’t and I could thank her for helping me get back to the other side. An angel had dropped into my arms and shown me that I wasn’t the monster I painted myself to be. That there was still good buried deep inside my soul.

For that, I owed her everything.

It was wrong for me to try and pretend that she was mine, it was wrong for me to try and keep her hidden away, but that didn’t make me responsible for all of it.

I felt the fire burning in my eyes as all the hate I felt right then was being cast down on the detective. “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?” Flattening my hands onto the table, the metal chain from the handcuffs jingled as I moved. “Is this really necessary?” Holding my hands up, I twisted them in the cuffs.

The detective’s lip curled up as a gray plume rolled out of his mouth, tumbling up over his nose and swirling around his head like a dangerous halo. “You’re a disturbed, evil man, you kidnapped a defenseless girl, so yeah, I’d say it’s necessary.”

Slamming my fists down, I growled. “She’s not a girl, she’s a woman. And I didn’t fucking kidnap her!” Pointing at his face, the chain cut my arm short, jerking it to a stop. “Did you ask her? Didn’t she tell you anything?”

His eyes expanded as he took in a breath. “Compared to you, she’s a girl, and she can’t remember anything before waking up at your place, Paxton, you know that. But her friend, yeah the one you said you never saw, she can put you at the scene, identified you as one of the men who picked them up that night. She says you and the other guy took Vera. Now why would she say that if it wasn’t true?”

Throwing my hands to my skull, I squeezed my head in frustration. They had it all wrong, all of it. And none of them wanted to listen to me.

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