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Beast Brothers 4 - Double Twin

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Stephanie Brother

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When I imagined my first time, I never thought it would be with four men.
I’m focused on school, not relationships. Men are trouble, and I have no problem resisting them — until I meet Ben and Lucas at a party. They’re dark, gorgeous, and radiating the kind of magnetism that draws me like a crackling fire on a cold night.
Imagine my surprise when I find out Ben and Lucas are brothers – and that they each have a twin, Braden and Liam. What’s more, all four gorgeous men are about to become my stepbrothers. My cocky, protective, sinfully sexy stepbrothers.
And they don’t want to just be siblings. They want more from me. They want something that I’ve never shared with anyone, and they’re not shy about pursuing me. They go after what they want like untamed beasts on the hunt.
Can I handle my first time being with not one, but four such primal creatures? Is it worth jeopardizing my mom’s newfound happiness for a few moments of pleasure?
The brothers are irresistible, but I know better than to trust men, no matter how caring they seem or how good they make my body feel. I can have fun with them and keep my feelings out of it. Sure I can.
Until I make the oldest mistake in the book – I fall for them. Just in time for everything around me to come crashing down.
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Stephanie Brother


Dare to Find Out

“A frat party? Seriously?”

Maya’s reflection grins at me from the mirror on my bedroom door, where she’s making little adjustments to the pleather leggings and silky peekaboo top she’s wearing. “Jayce will be there! I want you to meet him.”

“You could have brought him by at any point in the last two weeks,” I point out.

My friend sticks her tongue out at me. “We’ve both been busy with classes. This party is the last big event before finals week. Plus, your roommates don’t like me.”

“That’s not true. They’re just … sort of antisocial. They don’t do much of anything but study.”

“Perfect for you,” she teases. “You work too hard; you never have any fun. This’ll be good for you.”

I don’t want to disappoint her, but I also don’t want to hang out with a bunch of frat boys. They are so not my type. “Maybe I could meet him after finals.”

“Oh, come on, Sasha. Please?”

With a sigh, I give in. “Okay, fine. But I won’t stay that long, so no complaints when I leave.”

Maya laughs, then raises her eyebrows when I step into shoes. “Aren’t you going to change?”

I glance down at my yoga pants and stretchy top. I’m dressed for studying, not partying, which should keep the fratties at bay. “No, this is fine.”

She rolls her eyes, but doesn’t protest further as we leave my apartment and make the short walk to the frat house. It’s a beautiful spring evening, a soft breeze rustling through the trees that line the street. I’m glad to be outside stretching my legs.

Maybe Maya’s right about me working too hard.

I hear the frat house before I see it, a pounding beat reverberating through the neighborhood. If I were their social media manager, I’d tell them to tone it down a little. Why reinforce the worst stereotypes about fraternities?

Dudebros in shorts and t-shirts cluster in groups, while discarded plastic cups litter the lawn. I follow Maya inside, where she leads me straight to a tall blond, his sullenly handsome face already red from too much beer.

My stomach tightens with a sudden flashback to seven-year-old me, watching my father drink, his face the same mottled shade. It baffles me how any self-respecting woman could be attracted to a guy who behaves like this, but I’m here to be supportive and social, not give lectures. I stifle my unease as Maya throws her arms around Jayce.

“Hey, baby. I missed you.”

He doesn’t hug her back. Maybe she doesn’t notice, but I do.

“I brought my friend. Sasha Porter, meet Jayce Gilford, the best boyfriend ever.”

I give him a polite smile. “Nice to meet you, Jayce.”

His eyes flick over me, assess me, and dismiss me in a fraction of a second. I am officially Not Hot, and therefore unworthy of his attention. It’s exactly the reaction I wanted, but it still stings.

He lifts his chin in greeting, his lip curled in an almost-sneer, then pointedly turns to talk to one of his frat brothers. He’s ignoring Maya, too, and I want to drag her out of here, get her away from this guy before he hurts her. Because he will, one way or another.

But Maya’s not paying any attention to me. Her adoring gaze is fixed on Jayce as he speaks; she’s hanging on his every word. It hurts to see, but I’m reminded of something my mom often tells me.

“You have to let people make their own mistakes, honey. That’s how we learn.”

Turning reluctantly away, I leave Maya to her lesson. We’ll be finished with our junior year of college in another week, and Jayce is her fifth boyfriend in the past three years. None of them, in my opinion, have been good enough for her, but it’s not my decision.

I need a distraction. There’s got to be something to drink here besides beer, right? I scan the room, in search of other options, and that’s when I spot the man watching me.

Damn. He’s hot. Tall, and built, and solid with muscle. The other guys here look like pale imitations of men, while he’s the real thing.

His mouth curves in a slow smile, and a not-unpleasant shiver chases up my spine.

I watch him as he prowls toward me with the grace of a panther. The crowd seems to dissolve as he moves, clearing a path for him. When he reaches me, he doesn’t speak, just takes my hand.

My heart jolts at the contact, my breath going shallow. I’ve never reacted like this to a man before. Intrigued by these strange new feelings, I let him lead me through the house, to a darkened corner where it’s a little quieter.

“What’s your name?” His voice is like velvet rubbing over my skin. My nipples pucker.

I bite my lip. His eyes drop to my mouth and go half-lidded. “Sasha,” I whisper.