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B.B. Hamel

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I had the wrong man’s baby. Now he’s back for another.


I’m supposed to be a good person.
I shouldn’t have gotten involved with a guy like Luke.
Let alone have his baby.
He’s wrong for me, but he feels so right.
Wicked smile, arms like steel, dangerous as hell.
I gave him everything.
My kiss. My body. My submission.
He took care of me, made me feel special.
And the he disappeared for five long years.
Now he’s coming back, and I should be afraid.
He says he want more than just his baby.
He wants to get me pregnant again.
Instead of running, I might give him what he craves.


I went to prison for a crime I didn’t commit.
Anger, resentment, and the memory of Avery’s kiss kept me going.
But after five years, I’m coming home.
And I want my baby.
But Avery’s family hates me.
The whole town thinks I’m a killer.
None of that matters.
I’m going to get my fill of Avery.
When I’m finished, she’ll beg for more.
She’ll beg for another baby.
And I’ll give it to her.

Babymaker is an over-the-top romance with tons of steamy scenes and bad language. It’s only recommended for readers 18+.

Babymaker is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

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Prologue: Avery

“You have to run.”

I stare at him, my eyes wide, pleading. He just shakes his head and looks away from me, down toward the creek that winds its way through our neighborhood. I reach up and touch his cheek but he pulls back.

“I can’t run,” he says. “Nowhere to run, you know that.”

“We can go to Mexico together. Raise our baby.”

He turns toward me and takes my hand. His grip is hard as he pulls me against his hard, muscular body. Luke’s piercing green eyes stare down at me and I feel that same thrill I always feel when he touches me.

“No,” he says simply.

I keep thinking about the night I got pregnant. My legs spread wide, hands pressed against the windows of his truck as he slides himself deep inside of me, lips against my neck, my mouth, my chest. He fucked me rough and deep, made the whole truck shake, the windows fog. I came twice that night before he finally filled me, leaving me panting and sweating on the seat beside him.

It was one of the best nights of my life. He didn’t make me wait long for more. He almost never does. Truth is, every night with Luke is the best night of my life, because he never quits until I get my fill and then some. He always has more for me, always waiting to give me more.

“That’s no life for you,” he says to me softly. “Not for you or for my baby. You have something here. Maybe I don’t agree with your family, and they fucking hate me, but at least they can take care of you.”

“Luke,” I say, biting back tears.

“We both know I didn’t do this, but they think I did. And they’re gonna get me for it, no matter what we do. If I try and fight, try and run, it’ll only be worse for you. Right now, you have a chance here. I can’t risk that for you.”

“You can’t leave me,” I whisper to him. “You can’t leave your baby.”

That last word hurts. I can see the pain in his eyes. I know he’s doing what he thinks is right, turning himself in for a crime he didn’t commit, all to protect me. But I can’t stomach it. I can’t live in a world without Luke, with a child that’ll remind me of him every single day. It’s going to tear me apart. But I know I can’t change his mind, not Luke Harper. When he’s set on something, he never stops. It’s part of what I love about him.

“Just go home,” he says softly, letting my hand drop and turning away.

“Please,” I say, trying to control myself.

He looks over his shoulder at me, one last look as a free man, and he starts walking. I want to kiss him, taste his lips, but that might hurt more than help. I stand there as the tears come, hot and hard and choking, but I don’t look away. I’m going to let this moment burn in my brain for the rest of my life. I won’t forget him, Luke Harper, free man, one of the best I know.

He doesn’t turn back, probably can’t let himself, but I’m not pretending like he isn’t walking into his own execution.



I park my truck outside of the drab brick building and sit there with the engine running for a couple minutes, staring out the window.

Everything’s familiar, but it’s different. Five years passed by in the blink of an eye and I feel like the whole world’s left me behind, especially this fucking town. I can’t say I missed it, but I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

Not when I have this anger inside of me and no other place to put it.

I kill the engine and climb out. I grab my bag from the passenger seat. It’s filled with my only possessions in this whole world: a beat up laptop, some extra clothes, and my father’s revolver.

I walk slowly up the concrete stairs until I get to the front door. I swipe the pod on my keys and it buzzes, letting me inside. I head up another staircase, down an unfamiliar hallway, until I’m finally standing outside of my apartment.

I take a deep breath and let it out. This is home sweet fucking home.

I unlock the door and step inside. It’s about as bad as I figured it’d be. Clean enough, though drafty and musty. One bedroom, one tiny kitchen with a refrigerator that looks like it’s on its last legs, and a tiny living room. Not a stick of furniture in the whole damn place, not even a bed.

Doesn’t matter. I’m used to some bad living conditions. I put my bag on the top of the counter and slide the laptop out. I plug it in, boot it up, and look out the big window.

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