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Baby By The Billionaire

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Alexa Davis

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My name is Morgan and I am a full-time nurse during the week and on the weekend I enjoy going to the club with my colleagues. One night at the club I decided to leave early by myself. While I walked by an ally I’m attacked and scream for help. A stranger saves me that I later find out is billionaire Terrance Canter. He’s breathtaking and I owed him even though I doubted I would ever see him again.

But then I am invited to his VIP room at the club one night…

I only planned to say thank you again. However one thing leads to another and I ended up naked in his arms. I hadn’t regretted it though. He was better than anyone I had ever slept with. So what was the problem? I had been drunk and didn’t even think about using protection.

So now here I am, two months later and pregnant. He doesn’t know.

Baby By The Billionaire is an 80,000 word standalone alpha billionaire secret baby romance with a HEA and no cheating.

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Chapter One



“This is the life!” I called out in a singsong voice as I scanned my eyes over the bright blue sparkling ocean. “We really do have it made, don’t we?”

“Well, you do, boss.”

I spun around to look at my friend and bouncer, Braxton, giving me a wide-mouthed smile. I knew what that meant – he thought I was the only one who had the world at my feet. What he didn’t seem to realize was that by working for me, the whole world was his oyster, too. I extended what I had to guys who deserved it, and he was one of the best.

“Braxton.” I threw my arm over his shoulder, which wasn’t easy since he was built like a brick shit house with at least 300 pounds behind him. “Look at this: we’re on a yacht, cruising the ocean in the bright hot sunshine, beers in hand, with women as far as the eye can see. How many jobs would allow you to have this much fun?”

“You’re right, Terrance, don’t think I’m not grateful. It’s just…” I stepped back to stare at him as his eyes fell to the ground. There was something going on in that big beautiful mind of his, and I needed to know what. “You have it all; you’re a good-looking bloke with killer green eyes, height that any guy would want. All the women are throwing themselves at you.”

“Mostly because of my money.” I shrugged wryly, wanting to at least seem modest. “If I was skint, none of these broads would even give me a second look.”

“Oh, I highly doubt that. I’m the one no one looks at because… Well, look at me.”

“Dude, you have an incredible big ass. It’s confidence you lack.” I waved my arms in front of myself as I spoke. “You just need to know what to say!”

Braxton fell into silence. I could tell that he was drinking all of that in, so to give him a moment alone with his thoughts, I sucked back the beer I had in my hands and scanned the crowd of beauties. I didn’t know any of them, really – I had a guy who got gorgeous women to attend my parties on the day I needed some company – but I already knew that every single one of them would be happy to spend some one-on-one time with me.

That was the power that came with the Canton name. I was famous for my cash and, if I was honest with myself, my striking looks, which was why every single one of them was giving me a seductive look back.

They all wanted me – it was just up to me to take my pick.

“I guess,” Braxton started speaking out again, grabbing my attention back to him, “I want more than just a hook up. What I really want is someone to spend the rest of my life with.” He stared intently at me, his dark brown eyes shining with questions. “Don’t you ever feel like that? Don’t you ever want a little bit more?”

“What, like, I want a wife?” I scoffed like the idea was totally ridiculous, which was exactly how I felt about that topic. “Come on, you know me. I don’t want to be tied down to anyone. I’m only thirty three years old. I have all these women wanting me; why would I want to settle with just the one.”

“But… No, it doesn’t matter.” Braxton’s eyes looked everywhere but me. He had something else to say, but it seemed I was going to have to coax it out of him.

“No, go on, please tell me what you’re thinking. You know how much I value your opinion. You’re my closest friend, I hope you realize that.”

Was it sad to be so close to one of my employees? Then again, did I really care? Braxton was an awesome bloke; that was all I cared about.

“Well, it seems to be more than just about that…to me. I think the reason you don’t want to settle down is more than just the women.”

I sighed deeply and stared up at the cloudless sky, needing just a moment to compose myself. It was a good thing Braxton was my friend, but sometimes it made it very challenging to keep up the upbeat, happy version of myself when he could see into the depths of my soul. “Yes, I suppose you’re right.”

“I thought so. Is this to do with Mason?”

Urgh, Mason. My wonderful brother. Okay, so maybe he was a little wild at times, he didn’t always behave in the way that I wanted him to, but he did not deserve what happened to him. It fucked me up over and over again to think about it.

“Yes, I guess so. It just messes me up that the murder still remains unsolved. I put a lot of money into my own investigations and still, nothing has come out of it.” My eyes slid closed for a second, and I could clearly see the image of his ice cold dead beaten and bruised body, as if it only happened yesterday, rather than three whole years ago. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to recover from that.

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