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Arousing Her

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Tia Siren

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I’ll never forget her. But she won’t remember me.
When Kate Monroe was brought into my hospital, I knew I had another shot.
My sleeping beauty was in a coma.
I kissed her ruby lips and awoke her.
But she has amnesia and no recollection of her past.
Fine by me.
I’ll f*ck her into happy-ever-after.
As long as she doesn’t remember who I am…

This Doctor Amnesia Second Chance Romance is a full stand-alone novel, guaranteed to make you forget your own name.

xx Tia
Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.

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The hospital that day was pure pandemonium. A non-stop flood of sick and injured people rushed through the hallways. I did my best to help in any way I could, but my job was made difficult by the patients’ family and friends.

I understood their concern, of course. But if these people were so damn worried about the patient getting better, they’d stop following me around while screaming in my ear as I tried to do my job.

My fellow doctors and nurses darted through the chaotic building. We did all we could to keep the surge under wraps and in control. To me, the hospital almost seemed like its own entity at times. It was as alive as any of the people that came through its front doors, and like people, the hospital had good days and bad days.

Recently, it felt like the bad days outnumbered the good ones. The hospital seemed to take pleasure in beating me and the other doctors down. It was like it wanted to see just how much we could take until we snapped.

I had been working at the hospital for a little over three years. I started here as a medical intern, fresh out of med school and feeling invincible. By the end of that first year, I knew that none of my med school training had prepared me for actually working with patients.

At the time, I assumed that would be the worst of it. It just made sense that once I graduated from that lowly position and had some experience under my belt, things would get better. Three years later, I’ve found out the hard way that’s not the case at all. Not even close. The longer I worked at the hospital, the harder things seemed to become.

It was a Friday, which really meant nothing, as I worked almost every weekend anyway. I hadn’t had a break in at least four hours, but this was pretty standard. The patients came first. Still, I’d be no good for anyone if I couldn’t find a way to take a quick break.

I ducked off to the break room in the hopes of sitting down and relaxing, even if it was only going to be for five minutes. Just the chance to put my feet up and maybe shut my eyes for a prolonged period of time would make me feel, and function, infinitely better.

Getting to the break room was an art form. I needed to know how to avoid the nurses, as their station was located right in front of the room. But even before I get to them, I needed to know how to duck around the families of patients who had a tendency of pulling me aside and asking me questions that I didn’t know the answers to. And even if I managed to avoid them, I had to hope and pray that my pager didn’t go off. Once that little thing starts beeping, I can kiss any break goodbye.

I sighed loudly as I sunk into the first chair I spotted in the break room. It was a crappy, industrial looking thing. Probably made in a prison somewhere. But to me, it felt as soft as a cloud. “Holy shit. That is—”

“Can you keep it down,” a husky voice cut me off. The voice came from the couch on the other side of the room, tucked out of the way. Without even having to turn around, I rolled my eyes, knowing who the voice belonged to. “Some of us are trying to sleep.”

Doctor Clint Burrows laid out on the couch as he attempted to get, what I assumed was at most, a five-minute nap. Clint was my best friend in the hospital. We had started on the same day and had both harbored similar ideas when it came to imagining what being a doctor was going to be like.

It was a romanticized image that came from watching too much television. We came to find out there was nothing glamorous about this job. We were in the trenches every day, fighting against impossible odds. The only good thing about this job was that I got to help people. I couldn’t help all of them, but when I could, it made all the long, shitty, tired days worth it.

“How long?” I asked as I leaned back in my chair with my eyes closed.

“Three minutes. Maybe four.” Clint groaned as he sat up. “I got one of the interns to cover me, but I don’t trust leaving him alone for too long. You know how they are.”

“I’m surprised that you got four minutes,” I said, seriously impressed. In this profession, any break longer than two or three minutes was worthy of admiration. “Did you think it was going to be like this, Clint?”

“Like what?” he asked.

“You know, like this? The non-stop, balls to the wall, relentless chaos of being a doctor. I always thought it might be a little different.”

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