Angel & Rhys Fall in Love (Prn Stars Falling in Love #3) Read Online HB Lin

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Construction worker Angel Barrera is a simple guy with a simple life. When a co-worker recruits Angel into the adult entertainment industry, Angel surprises himself by saying yes. Why he agreed, he’ll never know, but none of that matters when Rhys Rawlings walks onto set.
Rhys might be small in stature but he lives his life in technicolor–a successful career as an adult entertainer, moonlighting as a pole dancer, and a wardrobe that looks like a rainbow. Except recently, everything he used to love has turned a disturbing grayscale.
Angel and Rhys couldn’t be more opposite. Big and small, quiet and loud—very traditional and super free-spirited. Neither of them are satisfied with their lives. Both are looking for something different. Could they be each other’s different?



Angel Barrera adjusted his hard hat before leaning back against the metal scaffolding next to the other guys on his crew. Coffee in hand, he gazed past the bumper-to-bumper morning traffic to the pedestrians streaming in both directions on the sidewalk. A quick glance at his watch told him it was almost time.

He should be coming up out of the subway station any minute now.

A truck inched forward, directly into Angel’s line of sight. Shoot. He inched to the left just in time to catch the next rush of passengers spilling out onto the street. He narrowed his eyes, scanning for that head of dark hair, usually worn gelled into a poof on top and shorn short on the sides.

There he was! Angel bit his lip as he watched the mystery man saunter by. His walk was unmistakable. Strides so long that his hips swung side-to-side with each step. Shoulders back, spine ramrod straight, he could balance a whole stack of books on his head and they wouldn’t budge.

He tended to wear a lot of suits. Today’s was a white-and-black checkered plaid with a black turtleneck underneath. Last week, his jacket had huge bright pink flowers and equally massive shoulder pads. One time, he wore neon green from head to toe.

Angel knew absolutely nothing about the guy except that he came out of the 79th Street subway station every Thursday morning at seven-thirty and he was gorgeous. Angel could never tear his eyes away from the man. And it wasn’t because of the flamboyant outfits. It was because he held his head with his chin raised, as if daring the world to mock him. The focus and determination in his eyes that seemed to part the sea of people in front of him as he made his way down the sidewalk. The slight pout on his lips, like he harbored the juiciest piece of gossip that would turn the city upside down.

He made it to the end of the block, turned the corner, and disappeared.

Angel sighed. The mystery man was so far out of his league they might as well have been in different galaxies. He gulped his coffee and gazed at the spot where his crush had vanished, wishing he had the nerve to walk across the street one week and actually talk to the guy. He could introduce himself and ask the mystery man to grab a coffee sometime. Like a normal person would.

That was so absurd, he almost laughed out loud.

“Yo, Barrera! Break’s over!”

Guess that was his weekly dose of the mystery man. He let himself gaze longingly at the corner where the mystery man turned for one more moment. Then he drained the rest of his coffee, tossed the empty cup into the trash can, and got back to work.

Rhys Rawlings climbed the last few steps to his fifth-floor walk-up, let himself into his apartment, and slumped back against the door. He was tired. But also wired. He always was after a night at The Bronzed Rail, the gay nightclub where he performed sets as a pole dancer. Rhys loved performing live, loved the energy of the audience, the instant feedback and the interaction. It was why he still pole danced even though he earned more as a porn star.

Lately, though, his nights at The Bronzed Rail didn’t feel as adrenaline pumping as they used to. Hell, who was he kidding? Nothing in his life felt quite right. Not that anything had gone wrong—and maybe that was the problem. He was getting steady work from his contract with Village Studio, one of the largest gay porn studios in the country. He got to travel, meet, and work with cool people all the time. The sex was good—more or less. And he was a regular at The Bronzed Rail every Wednesday and Saturday night.

So why did he feel so… blah?

He pushed away from the door, shrugging out of his jacket as he headed for the bedroom. He needed a shower. A nice hot one to wash away the sweat and makeup and general grime from having been out all night. Maybe the shower would wash away the cobwebs that had taken up residence in his head too.