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Addicted to His Touch

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Sam Crescent

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Jared has wanted Freya for a long time, and he knows the beauty she is inside and out, even if she has a bit of an attitude. That’s all for him, and he wants every inch of her.

Freya’s had a crush on Jared all of her life. Only she doesn’t believe any man can be faithful. She’s witnessed it through her mother—men only use women, and so the crush she has on Jared must stay that way. However, she’s no longer a little girl, and that crush grows into an attraction that’s getting harder to deny.

Jared knows that once Freya is in his home, and in his life, all it will take is time. He’ll prove to her that he wants more than her body. He wants her love, her heart, her mind, and her soul. He’s not a gambling man, but he’ll take a risk for her, because that’s what true love is all about. Can Freya get over her insecurities for a chance to be happy?

**This is a very safe read. Jared only wants one woman, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to have her.

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Chapter One

“Ha, teach you, Jared Varner, to tell me what to do.” Freya smiled at her new blue locks. Her blonde hair was gone, and she was in a rebellious mood. It was probably because of all the free time on her hands now that Sophia had left her alone. Freya pouted in the mirror, and pressed her arms together, giving her an even larger cleavage than she already had.

She loved her curves so damn much. Yeah, she probably shouldn’t love her size eighteen figure, but she did. She also knew she wasn’t the only person who loved her body either. Nope, it just so happened that Jared loved it as well.

“And he ain’t ever getting a taste of me.” Even as she spoke to her own reflection, she rolled her eyes. It was a lie because as the months had passed, her feelings for Jared had gotten stronger. She knew he had orchestrated it so that she worked at his office, doing what she loved the most, which was her art.

Should she be mad at him? Probably. He’d helped to pay for this apartment, made it so her own parents left her alone, and she could do whatever the hell she wanted.

He’s also granted her a credit card that didn’t have a limit at all, which she hadn’t used. She felt like the moment she used it, she’d be agreeing to be his plaything, and as much as she wanted to be, she was holding back.

Jared had manipulated the situation to get her here, where he wanted her. She loved the apartment, though of course she missed her very married friend. Not seeing her parents every day was no great loss. Her mother hated men and wanted nothing to do with her cheating ex-husband. Then of course there was her father, who happened to be friends with Jared.

Freya hadn’t spent a whole lot of time with her father in the past few years. She had been forced on a couple of holiday occasions to be with him, but she didn’t like him all that much.

He was a pompous ass who thought that because he had some money and good looks, he could have any woman he wanted. From what she’d seen the few times she’d had to stay with him, it was true.

There were times she was worried that was what Jared was about. He just wanted her because she had refused to be drawn into his web. He was like a spider, and they freaked her out. She didn’t want him to wrap her in some web, and suck the life force out of her. Just the thought made her shudder. Her mother was very … descriptive when it came to her cheating exes.

Moving away from the bathroom to her bedroom, Freya sat down on the edge, folding her arms.

The problem she had when it came to Jared was she was so attracted to him. Her feelings made her nervous. This was where her first lie came in. She’d told Sophia that she had lost her virginity, and it had been amazing. That was a lie. She never had. And there was a second lie in that mix as well. She had lied to Sophia about having sex with Jared in the office. It hadn’t happened, but she had dreamt about it. Those were the two lies she’d told, and only because she’d gotten … upset.

Sophia was so sweet, and when she’d assumed that Freya had sex, she didn’t correct her, and went along with it.

Jared, though, she wanted him, even as she didn’t want him.

Her mother had had so many lovers, and Freya didn’t want to be like her mother. Each time she got close to anyone, she freaked out. Jared wasn’t like other men though. He’d been her crush, then became her fantasy man. Now, she didn’t know if there was a way to help keep her heart safe from him.

There had been a couple of occasions with boyfriends when she’d been so close to giving it up, but that hadn’t happened. When they’d nearly gotten naked, she had backed out, and then ended up friends with the guys.

No one had made her hot and bothered until Jared, and he took away her ability to think clearly. He was a guy old enough to be her dad, and yet when she looked at him, she wanted him. There had been many times she had wondered what it would feel like to have him pounding inside her, touching her, stroking her body.

Just because she had never had sex didn’t mean that she’d not fantasized about it—even to the point of lying about her fantasies to Sophia, wanting them to be true.

At the sound of her apartment door opening, Freya grabbed the baseball bat she kept beside her bed, and slowly entered the main sitting room.

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