A Viscount’s Sinful Touch Read Online Lucy Langton

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The fiery Sophia Burke never embraced marriage as a possibility. With her sisters always getting all the attention, she could enjoy an independent life that would never exchange for any suitor. As if she could have known that soon the most seductive man would walk into her life to set her whole world on fire. Yet, this flaming encounter was about to become more scandalous than she ever expected.

The only man who ever awakened her sizzling desire is her sister’s prospective beau…
Heartbroken and despondent, Thomas Ford agreed to a match between him and Aimee Burke to please his father. On his way to meet his future fiancée, though, he accidentally walks into a tempting lady who immediately catches his interest. As sparks fly between them, Thomas realises that he has made a terrible mistake; he fell in love with the wrong sister.

Will he manage to tame his tantalizing passion for his fiancée’s younger sister?
As Sophia’s and Thoma’s lives fatefully intertwine, they will not be able to stay away from each other and their sinful attraction will prove to be vital. With their forbidden romance about to destroy their beloved ones as well as their own reputation, will they manage to find a way to be together? Will they surpass their fears and prejudice to give a chance to the flaring romance that has conquered their souls?


Chapter 1

The moment Sophia opened her eyes, she knew it would be a bad day. All of her sisters would be at the estate for the week and would be excited about the engagement news. Which included a lot of squealing that made Sophia flinch.

She preferred when they were out of the house and married with their own families. The squealing had lessened in recent years as her four eldest sisters started leaving to get married. Katherine, Amelia, Nora, and Ellen were fine when they were on their own, but when they were in the same room, it was nearly unbearable, especially when they were all talking at once.

Not that Sophia needed that to make her want to escape. She already had a reason to sneak out and make herself scarce. And that reason was fast asleep in the next room; even with the thick walls, Sophia could hear her last sister Aimee snoring away.

How ladylike.

Slipping out of bed, Sophia crossed to the washbasin and splashed water on her face. The night had been far warmer than she was used to, so it had been hard to sleep. But at this time of the morning, it was cooler and bearable. The temptation to go back to sleep and make up for what she hadn’t had during the night was evident, but then the day would be wasted.

And Sophia wanted to be out of the house before her mother and sister started talking about the impending arrival of Aimee’s future husband. It was all they had talked about for the last couple of days, and today was when Aimee would tell her sisters that she would be getting married soon as well.

Sophia didn’t understand it, and she probably never would. She preferred being away from it all. Not that anyone noticed; compared to her sisters, Sophia was a non-entity. She didn’t know how they started like this, but she wasn’t about to argue; it worked to her advantage. Sophia liked being in the background, especially when Aimee was around.

There was a gentle tap on the door, so quiet Sophia almost missed it, and then the door opened immediately to reveal Sophia’s maid coming into the room. She stopped when she saw her mistress.

“Oh! Forgive me, madam. I didn’t realise you were already awake.”

“I thought I’d rise early and go for a walk.” Sophia shrugged. “I couldn’t sleep, and some fresh air might do me good.”

“That and your sisters are coming soon, so you need to prepare yourself a bit more.”

Sophia gave her maid a pointed look.

“Diane, you should not speak about my sisters in such a manner.”

“Forgive me, madam.” Diane’s eyes were twinkling as she headed towards the wardrobe. “Do you want me to help you dress this morning?”

“If you would? And don’t do my stays up so tightly this time.” Sophia gingerly rubbed her side. “I’m sure the bruises haven’t gone away yet.”

“I only did what Lady Westbury wished for you and Miss Burke to have with your attire.”

“You mean she wants to be sure that we can’t breathe, so we’re not able to make proper conversation without getting out of breath?” Sophia quipped. “Just don’t do them up so tight, anyway.”

“Very good, madam.”

Diane got out the undergarments and then the morning dress. She moved quickly and efficiently to get Sophia dressed, helping Sophia brush her hair back and pin it up with a multitude of pins. Sophia was grateful for her maid.