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A Very Marian Christmas (Made Marian #7)

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Lucy Lennox

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12 Marian Men-A-Mating… I mean, A-Meeting
11 Blind Dates-A-Blinding
10 Lords-A-Leaping
9 Ladies Dancing (okay, maybe that’s Griff)
8 Kids-A-Complaining
7 Changes-A-Clothing
6 Love Junk Gadgets
4 Calling Neighbors
3 Nosy Grannies
2 Men Falling In Love
And a partridge in a pear tree.

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Made Marian Series by Lucy Lennox

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Lucy Lennox Books



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Late November – The Marians

“Sam, next time keep your sausage to yourself. My mouth is still burning.”

Griff’s head whipped around, and he glared at his brother-in-law Teddy. “What the hell?”

Teddy threw his head back and laughed. “Aww, you jealous, kitty cat? You jealous your husband fed me his spicy—”

Jamie clamped a hand over Teddy’s mouth from where he sat snuggled up to him on the sofa. He didn’t even look up from his Kindle, muttering, “Jesus,” while the rest of the Marians sitting nearby laughed.

It was the night after Thanksgiving. The Marian clan was spread out around the collection of sofas and chairs by the huge stone fireplace in the lobby of the vineyard lodge. Bellies were stuffed with leftover turkey and casseroles as well as some fresh dishes Sam had been testing out for the restaurant. Livers were pickled with enough wine to sink a ship, and many of the Marians were buzzing happily in their post-food stupor. Thomas and Rebecca had long since taken all the grandbabies to bed, and Aunt Tilly, Granny, and Irene were busy arguing over who would win a fight between Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

“Wonder if JFK had a nice sausage,” Granny mused into her poker hand.

“Marilyn had tits and a good thirty pounds on Audrey,” Tilly said, flipping over another card on the river of their Texas Hold ’Em game. “Plus, she was a spiteful thing.”

“Audrey was taller. More likely to use her fingernails and fight dirty,” Irene muttered, throwing her hand in.

“I’ll bet Marilyn knew how spicy JFK’s sausage was,” Granny continued, placing down a full house and eliciting a groan out of Aunt Tilly.

Dante and AJ sauntered out from the back hallway where their room was located, trying not to be noticed.

“Again?” Simone called out across the lobby. The pair froze mid-step, poor Dante blushing deep pink. “Can the two of you lovebirds go one full hour before sneaking off for a booty call?”

AJ responded smoothly. “Dante had something stuck to his pants.”

Pete barked out a laugh. “Yeah, I’ll bet he did. Your hands. Nice try there, AJ.”

“Oh my god,” Dante muttered, hurrying to find a seat and get out of the spotlight. AJ followed him, grabbing Dante up from the overstuffed chair before sitting his own ass down and resettling his fiancé on his lap.

“Can you blame me? Look at this guy. Plus, what do you expect after all the sex toys you guys forced on us this afternoon?” AJ asked with a grin. Dante tucked his tomato face into AJ’s neck to hide from his siblings’ teasing.

“You complaining about your impromptu bachelor party?” Pete’s wife, Ginger, teased. “Because I thought it was killer.”

AJ laughed. “Sally the Love Junk Lady? Really? Poor Dante’s face is so flushed right now, I’m afraid he’s running a fever.”

Griff grinned and sat forward from where he’d been leaning back against Sam’s broad chest on the sofa. “Oh, come on. We had to. That’s how you two got together, after all. It’s tradition.”

“We’ve been engaged for less than forty-eight hours,” AJ said.

Simone snorted. “Teddy wanted an excuse to see Sally’s new Magic Manhandler. It was all his idea.”

Teddy began to make a naughty gesture with his hand, as if demonstrating the Manhandler, but Jamie reached out and grabbed his wrist before he could get a good rhythm going. “Save it for later, hotshot,” Jamie said with a laugh.

Derek looked up from where he’d been running his fingers through Jude’s hair where he lay in Derek’s lap. “I was impressed with the new stuff. Figured we already owned everything good she sold, so that was a pleasant surprise. Can’t wait to try out the—”

“Lalalalala,” Jude blurted. “Nobody wants to know what you want to try out, big man. Except maybe me, and you can whisper it in my ear.”

Derek leaned down to whisper in his husband’s ear, and Jude seemed to get extra wiggly in response to whatever words were spoken. It probably wouldn’t be long before Jude had something stuck to his own pants.

“What about that cutie-patootie who came with her? Her new assistant, what was his name?” Ginger asked.

Twelve Marian men blurted out at once. “Noah.”

The room went silent.

“My, my,” Aunt Tilly said with a catlike grin. “Isn’t this an interesting development?”

Blue blushed and turned to his husband with an apologetic look. “What? The kid’s adorable. You can hardly blame a guy for noticing.”

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