A Rebel’s Trust (Alaskan Rebels #4) Read Online Sara Blackard

Categories Genre: Romance Tags Authors: Series: Alaskan Rebels Series by Sara Blackard

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A solo adventurer determined to do things on her own. An ex-special force member evading his nightmares. When they collide while escaping dangerous forces in the Alaska wilderness, will they trust each other to find safety?

After Sunny Rebel’s business partner left her with a damaged faith in others and an empty bank account, she hopes tackling adventures alone will protect her from repeat heartache.

When she started her social media video channel, it was a desperate means to end the embarrassment of being duped by her boyfriend and business partner. She couldn’t bring herself to go back to the mountaineering community she loved on Mount Denali, not when she’d be greeted with whispered rumors and truths behind her back. Sure, she may be a people person, but showing viewers the wilds of Alaska is just as satisfying as guiding climbers up America’s tallest peak. A trek through the remote gold mining district where her parents grew up will give her at least two weeks to get her head on straight and figure out her life’s next step.

Something broke in Davis Fields that last month he was enlisted, and even his job at Stryker Security Force can’t fix it.

He could always be relied on, was always quick to help, which was probably why he’d been targeted. Used. Now, he’s only left with anger. It boils in him, always at the surface. That’s why he’s spending the summer sleeping in a tent, helping a military buddy mine flecks of gold from the Alaskan earth. Hopefully, the isolation will help him get a handle on himself.
When Sunny witnesses a heinous crime, her jaunt through the wilderness becomes deadly and her only help is a gruff man she hardly knows. Will Sunny and Davis escape the Alaskan wilderness alive, or will the lurking dangers claim them both?


Chapter One

Sunny Rebel meticulously checked through her supplies spread out on her old bed in her parents’ house against the list she’d made as Otis Redding softly crooned to her from her portable speaker. In the morning, she would leave for her next solo adventure, a trek through the Fortymile Mining District north of Chicken in the Alaskan Interior. Getting all the gear organized and accounted for meant less chance of mishap on the trail. Not that a well-stocked pack could prevent disaster from striking. She’d just be better prepared if it did.

“All right, folks.” She looked into her phone’s camera as she finished up her live feed to her social media accounts. “I think I have everything I need.” She paused and leaned close, like she wanted to tell a secret. “Don’t tell anyone about the LemonHead candies. They aren’t a necessity, but I figure they’re not that heavy.” Laughing emojis filled her screen as she pasted on a smile and straightened. “I can’t wait to get back and show you my adventures in Alaskan gold country!”

She chuckled as heart and thumbs up emojis exploded on her screen from people hitting their love and like buttons. Sure, it wasn’t like getting a real hug or high five, but it would do. Her growing list of fans kept her going when the loneliness of solo adventuring sunk in.

“And if you are the praying sort, send a few up for the bears to stay far away.” She pushed her lips to one side and lifted a dark eyebrow, amazed at how comfortable she’d become at seeing herself on the screen. “Now, if you are the type of person who enjoys terrifying danger, please remember that all I have for protection is that pea-shooter and a couple handfuls of bullets to keep me safe when you hope for the opposite.” Laughing emojis filled her screen again, and she wrinkled her nose at the amount. “Well, unless something goes wrong, I’ll see you in a few weeks. Now, go find yourself an adventure!”

She waved and signed off. Her smile fell with a sigh as comments flooded in about viewers wishing they could come with her. Honestly, she wished the same. Being alone weighed on her. At some point, when she had more money, should she think about taking others on the trips? It would increase her income, and, with the way her followers kept growing, she could probably charge a decent guiding fee.

When she’d started the YouTube channel, it had been a knee-jerk reaction to her business partner/boyfriend stealing all their funds and gear from their Denali guiding business and leaving the country. His duplicity had left her broke, both in money and in her heart. She couldn’t take climbers up Mount Denali if she didn’t have the cash for the gear necessary for the trek up America’s highest peak. She definitely didn’t want to jump into another venture without being the one in control.

Her phone pinged, pulling her from a spiral into a pity party that included her downing a carton of Moose Tracks ice cream and crying over some sappy movie. A message notification from her climbing friend, Izzy. Wasn’t she on Everest this season?