3 Shifters to Break a Curse (Mountain Shifters of Colorado #3) Read Online Lisa Cullen

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It didn’t take long for me to realize he wasn’t what he seemed…
The ritual had somehow turned into a curse.
And now, he intends to kill me.
That until…
I meet three hot as hell bear shifters.
Breaking the curse is going to take more than me, and my three bears can give me exactly what I need.
With the four of us, I have hope to be free of a love spell gone horribly wrong.
My only worry is if the spell needed to break the curse would be too much for the three men to handle…
And if they could love me when it was all said and done.



Toni stood in her room, staring at the items she had just finished gathering and setting up on her altar for her ritual. Each item rested in their appropriate spots. She even had memorized the steps of the ritual she was about to perform. The only thing left to do was pull her long, dark brown hair back, and secure it with an elastic band before starting the ritual. Once her hair was pulled back, she sighed. Doubts started to creep in.

“Maybe this is a bad idea,” she said as she took in the layout of small crystals, herbs, minerals, and clay that sat on her altar.

Savannah, her best friend wrapped her arms around Toni and squeezed her close. “What are you talking about. It’s a ritual. Nothing more. You got this. Besides, if anyone in this world deserved a solid shot at love, it’s you.”

Toni smiled. “Yeah?”

Savannah released her friend. “Absolutely.”

She had already come this far. And she wanted love so badly she could almost taste it. The kind of love that was long-lasting, toe-curling, and was filled warm cuddles all night long. A love where she would feel valued and desired. Besides, she had talked to Savannah about it, and she also thought it was a good idea.

Clearly, as her words had just proved.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Don’t mention it. And I want to know how it went in the morning,” she said.

“Of course,” Toni said.

“Okay. I’ll leave you to it,” she said and gave Toni another hug.

Savannah had left the room, leaving Toni to her ritual, and her thoughts. And while she stared at the work she had already done for her love ritual, the doubts started to circle through her mind. Her second thoughts that mirrored her fears.

Thoughts that were similar to maybe she should hold off and give things a little more time to develop on their own. Her reasoning was because love spells always go wrong, and though this wasn’t a love spell per-se, it was a ritual to speed up the process of finding love. To have the Universe open the doors needed for her to find whoever he was.

She thought of it as a sort of compass. Really, that’s what it was. A means to guide her on the right path. Still, regardless of the careful precautions and following each step to a T, she knew magic was never an exact science. There was still a lot of room for something to go wrong, and the effort she put into the ritual would all be for nothing.

But Savannah had encouraged her to go forward. She figured she probably should.

When she first felt the urge to cast a spell to force love into her life, she chided herself. Love spells always went wrong. She didn’t want to bring any more trouble into her life than she already had, and she realized a dose of patience was needed when it came to that sort of thing, but she wasn’t getting any younger, and as more time passed, she was losing hope.

Instead, she got to work doing some research for anything but a spell. For something that could help point her in the right direction. After some time, and a little bit of help from her friend, she had found the perfect ritual. She was ready for the kind of love her best friend, Savannah, had.

And the last of her final thoughts had pushed her to do the ritual.

“Suppose I should move forward,” she said to herself. She figured if she had come this far, there was no point in turning back now. “I just hope this works.”

She took in a deep breath. On the exhale, she pushed all of her doubts to the side. They weren’t gone completely, but she could ignore them. Mostly. After clearing her thoughts, she focused on the intention of the ritual. As she started, she folded and molded the clay into a figure resembling the shape of a man.

She then used the herbs and minerals as incense, lighting them in her mortar. As they popped and cracked, filling the room with a pleasant, soft scent, she then picked up a small pink candle and etched the word “love” into the side of it. She lit the candle, setting it into a small holder before sitting the clay figure onto a piece of paper with a straight path drawn onto the surface. The clay figure and the paper sat on in the center of her alter.